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feet taken right after.

mom feet gallery

taken right after. swollen as crap! i need to get an updated one that shows the color better.
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most tattooed feet

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sakura feet tattoo

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87/365 03/27/08: I love

tatoo designs on the feet or toes

03/27/08: I love Spring and Summer because it means flip-flops and pedicures! I *love* getting pedicures...they are simply wonderful.
She 8" x 10"

tattoos for feet beach

8" x 10" - $25 (or) 2 for $40 - See more photos @ www.cfrankenstein.com email - brandon@cfrankenstein.com
Untitled Scanned Photograph; Venice

tattoos sun feet

Scanned Photograph; Venice
Hot Wife Please leave your

tiny tattoos for feet

Please leave your comments she loves..
Blackbirds Tattoo 2 My first tattoo.

wing tatoos on feet

My first tattoo. The 7 birds represent all the members of my family. It also makes me think of the song Black Bird by The Beatles, which I love. What do you think? :)
ah the bath... my feet...just chillin

feet tattoo chain

my feet...just chillin
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dragonfly tattoo for feet

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D's Moroccan feet for Phoenix Cashing in a

moroccan feet

Cashing in a coupon for henna, D got her feet hennaed for her upcoming trip. Last time we did Indian, this time it was Moroccan slippers. I had really stringy henna paste so it was perfect timing. She's promised me after pics.
{094} Dance in a storm. There's something 'bout

tattoo bows on feet

There's something 'bout the way the street looks when it's just rained.

Three random tattoo ideas

Reiki i practice Reiki

back tattoo spinal

i practice Reiki for eight years, since five years i'm a teacher...
Dark Art, Budapest, Hungary © 2006 Les

zsolt tattoo budapest

© 2006 Les Barany