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feet taken right after.

mom feet gallery

taken right after. swollen as crap! i need to get an updated one that shows the color better.
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sakura feet tattoo

www.michelamedda.it (new site)
87/365 03/27/08: I love

tatoo designs on the feet or toes

03/27/08: I love Spring and Summer because it means flip-flops and pedicures! I *love* getting pedicures...they are simply wonderful.
She 8" x 10"

tattoos for feet beach

8" x 10" - $25 (or) 2 for $40 - See more photos @ www.cfrankenstein.com email - brandon@cfrankenstein.com
Untitled Scanned Photograph; Venice

tattoos sun feet

Scanned Photograph; Venice
Hot Wife Please leave your

tiny tattoos for feet

Please leave your comments she loves..
Blackbirds Tattoo 2 My first tattoo.

wing tatoos on feet

My first tattoo. The 7 birds represent all the members of my family. It also makes me think of the song Black Bird by The Beatles, which I love. What do you think? :)
ah the bath... my feet...just chillin

feet tattoo chain

my feet...just chillin
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dragonfly tattoo for feet

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D's Moroccan feet for Phoenix Cashing in a

moroccan feet

Cashing in a coupon for henna, D got her feet hennaed for her upcoming trip. Last time we did Indian, this time it was Moroccan slippers. I had really stringy henna paste so it was perfect timing. She's promised me after pics.
{094} Dance in a storm. There's something 'bout

tattoo bows on feet

There's something 'bout the way the street looks when it's just rained.

Three random tattoo ideas

Battooed Another vendor at

tattoos of flowers 2009

Another vendor at the Bat's Day Black Market. I loved the flowers all around and I wanted to bokeh it to the max. Kelly MsFormaldehyde on Etsy
lapices hace mucho que

tattoo dynamite

hace mucho que no hacia uno con lapiz. foto 200 de mi flickr :$ y casualmente el ultimo de mi cuaderno, tendre que empezar uno nuevo