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Baby's got a new tattoo! I love my

feet tattoo flowers

I love my first-ever tattoo!
the airborne starlings circle The airborne starlings

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The airborne starlings circle over the frozen fields. You can just see a scar on the inside of my right foot. After an operation my foot doesn't look like it is mine so I am planning a tattoo of this lyric - although in a much prettier font! This is just a biro looking at a layout playing with separating the words. Natural light, just fixed the levels in photoshop - the black ridge at the top was part of the raw shot.
NAME THAT TUNE I think Nina's

feminine feet tattoos

I think Nina's tattoo was designed by her boyfriend, who is a musician.
Tattoo foot tattoos by

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foot tattoos by matt Clemmer of New Breed dayton ohio 937-890-5643
IN Between 'IN' - public|private

frog feet tattoo

'IN' - public|private #6 The reporter Abbie Alford of Fox23, real and alive, with dreams of joy and meaning. March, 2009, Tulsa, Oklahoma
Holiday! Arrivederci, Goodbye, Au

gallery feet

Arrivederci, Goodbye, Au revoir, Auf Wiedersehen!!! Parto! Me ne vado! Domani mattina la sveglia suonerà alle 5 e 30 e io sarò per 5 (spero bellissimi) giorni a Riva del Garda e dintorni! Mi connetterò poco dal mio amato Nokia <3 e magari spero di riuscire a postare qualche fotina! Nel frattempo ... Buone vacanze a tutti!!!! *********************************************** This photo is made by me. Please don't use this image on websites, blogs or other media without my explicit permission. © All rights reserved. Use without permission is illegal
france france, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur,

gallery feet france

france, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, Bouches-du-Rhône
Girl and boy skulls It's back to

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It's back to the office for the old rusty guy today. Lunch with Steven yesterday was great. I could tell right away that he's passionate about Through the Viewfinder photography. The rig he's using is quite cool, too. We got to walk around a bit with TtV rigs before I headed back to the Mark Hopkins. Strange looks from people is totally normal and while I set mine up, we talked with some guy sitting on steps - plus I took his portrait while explaining the whole process. I'll post some stuff from that walk soon. Looking back on the Goodguys event, I should have gotten a head shot of the young lady attached to these feet. She was dressed retro, and a cutie. I've got five more Goodguys shots to post, then it's back to random stuff. Listening to Honey Hush - Elvis Costello (Almost Blue) Today's fave
"I Can See Your Toes!" Dedicated to DJ,

japanese feet gallery

Dedicated to DJ, a dear friend of mine who passed away May 2-4 weekend 8 years ago due to Crohn's Disease. She was 19 years old. We met grade 9 and were close friends all throughout highschool. The tattoo on my foot is the Japanese symbol for friendship. Two other friends in our circle share the same tattoo in relatively the same area in memory of DJ. I never liked anyone looking at my feet and always hid my toes when I wore sandals. She use to tease me and point at my feet and say "I can see your toes!" She loved her Coca Cola, back home I used to take a can rather than flowers to leave for her. I still do not like anyone looking at my feet but because I can not visit her grave this year I decided to commemorate her memory this way. This is the poem I wrote for her that was read over the PA system at our highschool. Capture what she best knows Every pain to no scale Like must above l
mossyfeet This picture was

koi feet

This picture was taken just 2 seconds before she face planted against a dirty old plastic planter box and got terra-cotta smudges on her nose, cheek and chin. I was over my mother's house so I didn't have a magic eraser - I did the best I could with dawn on a washcloth and most of it came off but thankfully, I got the last bit off at home with my ME (note to self: take one with you in your doll case !!!) PS: does this count Cindy?

Three random tattoo ideas

The Wife In the mirror

tattoo side waist

In the mirror after bathing.