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Inked Feet Canon 5DMKII
50mm F/1.4

leg and feet tattoos

Canon 5DMKII 50mm F/1.4
DSC_0382 - Francesca Le Francesca Le's beautifully

mexican tattoos on feet

Francesca Le's beautifully sculpted legs and feet. FrancescaLive.com
The Scale: 172.0 Official weightloss for

numbers tattoos on feet

Official weightloss for the week: 8lbs. Whoo hoo! When I first stepped on the scale, it said 170. A ten pound loss in a week would have been practically superhuman for me! Especially considering all the damn Girl Scout cookies I've been consuming. But I'll take eight. Next week's goal: anything UNDER 170. fortypounds.wordpress.com
Try to relax and enjoy the crisis Model: Myself

pretty feet

Model: Myself
con i piedi per terra <b>per favore, clicca

shoes for tattoo feet

per favore, clicca sulla foto, per vederla GRANDE: io dico che merita! click on it, to see it LARGE, thanx: I think this is worthwhile! "Aveva il sorriso contagioso di chi aveva sofferto tanto. Era dannatamente bella, vestita dei suoi sbagli" (l. adrian - il bacio oscuro) Una volta aver provato l'ebrezza del volo, quando sarai di nuovo coi piedi per terra, continuerai a guardare il cielo. (leonardo da vinci) Non giudicare il tuo vicino finché non avrai camminato per due lune nelle sue scarpe. (nativi americani - detto) ---- oppure, a scelta, e (quasi) in tema, un piccolo ma sfizioso divertissement: Entro in un negozio di scarpe, perchè ho visto delle scarpe che mi piacciono, in vetrina. Le indico alla commessa, dico il mio numero, 46. Lei torna, e dice: "mi dispiace, non abbiamo il suo numero". Poi aggiunge, sempre: "però, abbiamo il 41". E mi guarda, in silenzio, perchè vuole una risposta. E io, una volta sola, vorrei dire: "e va bene, mi dia il 41". (francesco piccolo - momenti di trascurabile felicità - ed. einaudi - pag. 8) --- nell'uno e nell'altro caso, comunque, la canzone è questa qua: ♬ ♪ ♩ ♭ ♫♪ - alanis morisette - head over feet (acoustic) - ♬ ♪ ♩ ♭ ♫♪
sisters feet I will never

sisters tattoos on our feet

I will never have all three of my girls together in the same room, but they are still sisters forever
Marilyn Monroe pose? I went to

sweet female feet

I went to the park and the river and to the playground for my photoshoot which I did 6/12/10. Cate is a super and sexy young woman to work with and I hope that you will like my pictures as I intend to post a lot of new photos in the near future. This girl wore some sundresses, a little black dress, and two tanktops with denim jean shorts such as here. She really has a beautiful smile and a great figure and long legs and pink toe nails and finger nails. All in all, she is ready for summer and I particularly like to create new pictures in the summertime. Here, I am struck by her big, gorgeous blue eyes and her long legs and barefoot plus the colorful, summery tanktop and her perfect figure. I think she is good enough to work with again in the future. Please let me know what you think about this new photo. Do you like this shot? Here is a photo I took of Amy last fall (Sept., 09) which meant much to me as I felt that was a defining photoshoot as I really found my niche: feet on fur

tatoo left feet photo

Three random tattoo ideas

Steph's Lion I guess this

steph name tattoo

I guess this is Tattoo Week here at my Flickr. This is Steph's tattoo. I probably should've asked her where it came from, or if it means anything. But i forgot. I was full of tasty cheeseburger and and doritos and snackwells and weird sweedish ginger snaps and those fancy shortbread cookies that have chess designs on them. they taste so good when they hit your lips!!! But it's a great tattoo, big, which I think is the way to go these days. Everyone's got one, but not many folks got the cojones to go big. And it's not too colorful, doesn't overwhelm. Simple yet detailed. Good stuff. If you, faithful reader, have a tattoo, and are a hot girl, come to me. Come to Los Angeles, that I may document your awesomeness.
 putting her shoes

tattoo hand bracelet

putting her shoes on before a shoot. it was a random capture; not through the eye peice or anything.