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curled up and closed off soft focus &

young feet gallery

soft focus & grain.
close up of young girl's legs close up of

young female feet

close up of young girl's legs
untitled How could I

tattoos for feet legs

How could I be so immature ? To think he could replace, The missing elements in me, How extremely lazy of me (Bjork) photo details: the tatto is actually little painting I have done it on my own leg by myself I nearly broke my neck and learned a couple of new joga positions I had to take picture of it , I just had to ...
D's feet for the dolphin trip Photo by Lisa

picture of queens feet

Photo by Lisa Denning
net stockings Strobist: One SB-800

feet foto net

Strobist: One SB-800 with Honl grid from camera left. I put a shoot-through diffusor in front of the grid to soften the light a bit.
tattoo on feet My tattoo'ed feet

both feet tattooed

My tattoo'ed feet
Allie so close....

colorful tattoos feet

so close....
Feet! no I don't

tatts on feet

no I don't care if you don't like them yes I love them Yes there is a meaning and story to each one
Naked Alien Toe So, like 95%

awesome feet gallery

So, like 95% of the nail has come off. Underneath is a half-baked pseudo-toenail. From far away (aka eye-level), it just looks skin-tone and pretty normal. But upon any closer inspection, it is clearly a scaly alien fetus trying to fight it's way out of my toe. Awesome.
Four Girls photo from a

feet tattoo high heels gallery

photo from a shoot in the dewdrop inn eastbourne - Cheryl, Sarah, Clair and Simone.
sweet new nsn gear "never shout never"

christofer drew feet

"never shout never" sweet new warner signed band gets awesome gear
sammy chewing on mommy's toes sometimes sammy just

dog feet tattoos

sometimes sammy just feels the need to snack on raw meat...my toes seemed to fit the bill this morning
Curtain Call *Texture by Les

weird feet tattoo

*Texture by Les Brumes

Three random tattoo ideas

Flo, Tattoo Artist - Tattoo Art Fest (203) - 18-20Sep09, Paris (France) [Taken in Paris

star tattoos on ear

[Taken in Paris (France) - 19Sep09] During three days, the biggest french tattoo convention, the Tattoo Art Fest, took place, for the third time, in the Parc Floral and gathered 7000 visitors around more than 150 world wide tattoo artists, featuring tattoo contests, burlesque shows, graffiti artists, photo exhibitions, and concerts. See all the photos of this convention in this set : 18-20Sep09 - Tattoo Art Fest [Event] See all the body art photos in this set : [Body Art] See all the random portraits in this set : Portraits [Random] See all the photos with written
Cherry blossoms Cherry blossoms on

cherry blossoms branch tattoo

Cherry blossoms on Kris's back. Hope to get an after picture of this one! Henna done by Bridget Punsalang at Perfect Dermagraphics Tattoo in Des Plaines, IL
Pchiii, chat noir ! Parce qu'un yod

amos tattoo

Parce qu'un yod peut aussi vous jeter le mauvais oeil...