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Three random tattoo ideas

237/365 Tonight we went

peace love rock tattoo

Tonight we went to GRN STRP House to see Classics of Love with Jesse Michaels formerly of Common Rider and Operation Ivy (!!). It was the most awesome night. The Damage Done played, along with Dateless, Mike Park and some other band from Portland who's name I can't remember. Mike Park played The Crowd by Operation Ivy and we all, including Jesse Michaels sang along. It was AMAZING. After Classics of Love's set Jesse Michaels came over to say hi to me (he recognized me as I sent him a myspace message once about art in Seattle because he was going to be up here for awhile). I had no idea he was talking to me but he was all "You're Erin, right? You sent me all that information about Seattle art.." I was shocked! If you had told me when I was sitting around listening to OpIvy when I was a teenager that Jesse Michaels would one day recognize me at a show and know
8-months Pregnant This pic was

tattoo motherhood

This pic was taken 28 days before my due date
Sea Scene Spring Break in

fun sunshine tattoo

Spring Break in Ft. Lauderdale - March 2009.