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Three random tattoo ideas

On feet  www.mehnditime.com Henna artist in

peacock belly mehndi

Henna artist in Austin Mehndi Artist www.mehnditime.com
Sailor Jerry 94 Sailor Jerry was

japanese tattoo sakura flash

Sailor Jerry was tagged with the name Norman Collins at birth, but he began to distance himself from normalcy when he was 19 (that's why he became a sailor). He traveled around the world, not only getting his first tattoos, but also gaining exposure to the art and imagery of Southeast Asia. This later became a crucial influence when he opened his first tattoo shop in Honolulu's Chinatown, ground zero for swaggering sailors, drunken soldiers and whoever else wasn't afraid to hang around volatile levels of testosterone. The Honolulu Tattoo district was designed to accommodate a time in men's lives when they drank heavily, paid for women, and imprinted their biceps with pictures solid and resonant enough to last a lifetime. Back then, Chinatown was the only place on the island where a man could get a tattoo, creating fierce competition among the many tattoo parlors. Roving sailors we
VW flame tattoo My vw tattoo

flames tattoo around calf

My vw tattoo from the money i won at jackson on the nickle slots