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Three random tattoo ideas

"Aún sigo esperándote" Canvas  92

poscas for tattoos

Canvas 92 x 73 cm. Acrílico y markers. Nayade. Julio 2009.
9/365 - music note tattoo 9/365 I got

tattoo of music notes on back

9/365 I got this tattoo in may of 2009! And man did it hurt like hell! I passed out right after he got done, lol. And i take pain really well! -P.S Don't get a tattoo on your bony/vainy foot! HAHA
Evolutionaries EVOLUTIONARIES (Part of

angel devil painting

EVOLUTIONARIES (Part of my 'TRANSHUMANISUM' series) 10" X 10" - Acrylic on birch wood panel Completed 12/09/2008 - Los Angeles In the near future people will be able to decide how the evolve. Evolution will be taken from the hands of nature and we shall control what we become through science and technology. Breakthroughs such as nano technology and A.I., ( en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Artificial_inteligence ) will enable us to transcend the slow pace of human evolution exponentially. This may result in several and varied evolutionary variations. Some may choose to have extremely strong and large bodies like giant insects, while others may decide to become small and invisible like a floating energy. Nanobots, ( en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nanobots ) and utility fog, ( en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Utility_fog ) will make the physical world and many of it's laws absolute. Until we are able to control ALL T