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Three random tattoo ideas

Save us Lublin, Poland Done

tatoo religion

Lublin, Poland Done by my son Shadi - 6 years old
homeless in bangkok-3196 I had a

man heart tattoo

I had a tough time getting a good photo of this guy. The first time i tried was when i first saw him outside my local 24hour store & I was met with fierce resistance. So on while in the store i got an extra beer & handed it to him on my way out. But still he refused to let me photograph him. While packing I noticed a 1/2 full bottle of gin that i wasn't interested in drinking so the next day i saw him I made sure to give him this bottle. His eyes lit up when i gave it to him & it wasn't until the next day; just hours before i was due to fly out that he saw me walking along & came up to me, pointing @ my camera & speaking quickly in thai.. i think he was offering to pose. This is the shot i got; you can also see him holding two cigarettes i gave him. I know you should never pay for a photo but with this guy I couldn't resist and we both left happy with the deal.