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Koru I got the

silver fern

I got the greenstone necklace in Rotorua, New Zealand, then got the same design tattooed on my back a couple of months later when I was in Australia. The symbol is called a koru and represents a fern frond unfurling. It means growth, harmony and new beginnings.
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So many Bennington students experience an inextricable link between their work and their identity. The ways in which our inquiries are fueled end up being expressed through our work and on our bodies. This idea was what drew me to Oceana’s project in the first place; it seems like a collection that is particularly applicable to our unique student community. A fern is a plant that showed up in our fossil record around the early-Carboniferous era, around 360 million years ago. To me, ferns have always been a symbol of evolutionary time and long-lasting design. As autotrophic plants, they are able to glean energy from the sun as they uncurl a green frond to perform photosynthesis. They also reproduce with spores rather than producing a flower or seeds. Extant ferns species are living relatives of creatures so ancient, they outlived any dinosaur or mammal species. Appreciating these throwback structures in modern forests catalyzed my thinking in terms of evolutionary time,
New Fern Tattoo Symbolizes GGma Fern

tatoo fern photo

Symbolizes GGma Fern and 5 our fam members
check it out my 2 latest

arm fern tattoo

my 2 latest designs together at last.
Marcello  and Ashley The Artist and

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The Artist and his work.
Loyal Close-Up Photography

tattoo and silver fern

Close-Up Photography
my arm by cate i can take

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i can take absolutely no credit for this photo, except that it's my arm -- but it was cate 's idea, her camera, and her click of the shutter -- but then i loved it so much, she gave me the original. thank you, cate!!! we spent yesterday morning, along with brand-new san franciscian nick, basking in the tropical warmth of the Conservatory of Flowers -- almost exactly one year (minus one day) after our previous visit ! a wonderfully perfect way to start of the new year -- looking forward to many more such adventures. incidentally, cate is now the official photographer of my arm: in my favorite tree (curly willow) in one of my favorite places (point reyes)
New ink It seems crazy

tattoo of a fern

It seems crazy intense in this photo, but i think it'll 'calm down' a bit once it heals and i ease off on the moisturizer.

Three random tattoo ideas

Druids Ankh During a very

dark ankh tattoo

During a very cathartic experience (both in body and heart) I was told something that really stuck with me, I was referred to as a 'druid' even if it isn't really what I am (in a technical sense)...it was just something that came to the person involved it wasn't planned. The idea mulled around in my head and I was inspired the next day to work with an ankh design I had already done and this is the result...it shows a lot of what is going on in my heart and head right now and says a lot about me.
Forever Love a tattoo my

heart above infinity tattoo

a tattoo my friend had for her 2 year anniversary.