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Eternal Lord Camden Underworld -

ferret tattoo

Camden Underworld - 27 May 2008
Ear Tattoo She has 2

ferret tattoos

She has 2 dots tattooed in her ear, most ferrets come that way. One dot means she was spayed and the other dot means she was descented. I left a note on the picture if you can't see it.
Ferret Feet Tattoo This tattoo is

ferret feet

This tattoo is of my ferret Cinnabon's feet...she died last June... :( She used to follow me around and stand with her little front paws on my foot when she wanted food. I miss her. I've had 6 ferrets, so this one is knd of for all of them. I love them. :) Anyway for this tattoo I took her little paws, before she died, and stamped her in non-toxic ink, then took that paper down to Larry Allen tattoo parlor, and they transferred it to my foot. :) So it's actually her little paws, not just something to symbolize them.

Three random tattoo ideas

rom3a rome 2008. hard

lightning cloud tattoo

rome 2008. hard to get pics of in the dimly lit convention hall. hope u get the idea though.
Long time, no SP! Well I have

tattoo moms

Well I have told virutally everyone except Flickr so here it goes: I'm 14 weeks pregnant today. I didn't think I had much chance of getting pregnant so this was a shock. I'm excited, scared, tired, blessed, etc. I'm feeling a lot better now then I was a couple months ago; for that I'm so thankful. Here's to the next adventure!