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Eternal Lord Camden Underworld -

ferret tattoo

Camden Underworld - 27 May 2008
Ear Tattoo She has 2

ferret tattoos

She has 2 dots tattooed in her ear, most ferrets come that way. One dot means she was spayed and the other dot means she was descented. I left a note on the picture if you can't see it.
Ferret Feet Tattoo This tattoo is

ferret feet

This tattoo is of my ferret Cinnabon's feet...she died last June... :( She used to follow me around and stand with her little front paws on my foot when she wanted food. I miss her. I've had 6 ferrets, so this one is knd of for all of them. I love them. :) Anyway for this tattoo I took her little paws, before she died, and stamped her in non-toxic ink, then took that paper down to Larry Allen tattoo parlor, and they transferred it to my foot. :) So it's actually her little paws, not just something to symbolize them.

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