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55/365 New 'Do! Got my hairs

asian filipino tattoo

Got my hairs cut today to prep for my time in Texas next week. Damn, I wish my jawline always looked this good.
Asia - Philippines / Luzon Lang-ay festival a

what are filipino tribes

Lang-ay festival a yearly cultural event held in the capital town of Bontoc which highlights the province rich cultural diversity and multi-ethnic groups as they gather and showcase their dances,fashion and cultural diversity
Andres Bonifacio Tattoo I always wanted

filipino pride tattoo

I always wanted to get this tattoo done. I kept on putting it off because I didn't know who I can trust to do it. Then when I found out that Chris Garcia, Jamir Garcia's (of the band Slapshock) brother who did his tattoos works near our home, I thought that there could be no better artist to do it than him. He's done pieces on the other members of Slapshock, Raymund Marasigan, Karl Roy, Boys Like Girls among many others. He does excellent portraits, fine lines and black & gray. According to Chris, this is part of a mural "Botong" Francisco did that is on display at the Manila City Hall. I can't believe living in Manila and not seeing this. The mural is called "Birth of a Nation". Chris Garcia is one of the few Filipino Professional tattoo artists in the USA. Chris Garcia's other profession is a NASA scientist. Now, how cool is that. He is also very down-to-earth and real cool. As soon as I save up more money, me and my wife will go see him again. C
 Model: Leah Reyes.

filipino american tattoo

Model: Leah Reyes. Manila Auto Salon 2007. SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia, Pasay City, Philippines.
Asia - Philippines / Nuestra Senora del Pilar de Zaragoza (Sibonga, Cebu) A visita of

filipino back tattoo

A visita of Carcar established in 1690, Sibonga was placed under Argao’s jurisdiction where it remained for many years. The town became an independent parish to which was assigned a secular priest, Mariano de la Ascensión. The Augustinian, Fr. Próspero Puerto was appointed assistant parish priest from 1833-41, then parish priest from 1846-68. Fr. Puerto built the convento following plans by Bp. Santos Gómez Marañon. Fr. Juan Alonso was parish priest from 1868 to 81. Built of stone and brick, he saw the church completed up to the first story. In 1877, a typhoon damaged the bell tower. Finally, Fr. Enrique Magz completed the church in 1881. Fr. Emiliano Diez was working on improving the church when the Philippine Revolution began in 1898. Msgr. Jeremias Harty, archbishop of Manila, restored the church in 1907
46/365 International Flair One side of

filipino chinese tattoo

One side of my new hair. It doesn't just flop in front of my face, it actually waves at the top, then falls down. On that aforementioned wave, I have a blue highlight, so it further enhances it. As a Scorpio, I go through physical changes like these, especially when I need to rejuvenate myself.
Baybayin design for Mr. Barsaga I designed this

filipino script tattoo

I designed this modern Baybayin translation of Barsaga (BA-R-SA-GA). Ink by Edo Tattoo Kanagawa. Check out to request a free translation and design.
shake it! Dutdutan Tattoo Competition

filipino tattoo designs on girls

Dutdutan Tattoo Competition and Music Fest at Makati, September 19, 2008

where to get filipino tattoos
 Read my blog

filipino script

Read my blog post here . :)
Kit Hinrichs Gallery This oster is

filipino tat design

This oster is made by Kit Hinrichs, I just took a shot at it.
SAN RAMON heres a series

filipino tatoo artist

heres a series dedicated to ralph san ramon. a skin artist who studies in the university of san carlos fine arts department. he's quite good interms of design and execution plus his tools and shop are as clean as a whistle.... thinking bout getting a tattoo or piercing done? have it done by a pro! have it done by ralph ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- photo assignment for the department publication:)
The tattooist Dutdutan Tattoo Competition

filipino tattoo artist

Dutdutan Tattoo Competition and Music Fest at Makati, September 19, 2008
59/365 Midnight Noir It's past midnight

filipino tattoo filipino tattoo

It's past midnight and I'm doing film noir lighting tests. I'll post the lighting setup for this tomorrow. It's actually quite silly...
jalen looking at himself The symbol he

filipino tribal back tattoos

The symbol he is looking at represents him.
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Three random tattoo ideas

Alternative Culture Project Nikola's Taurus tattoo

starsign tatto

Nikola's Taurus tattoo

om tattoo black and white

This is my first tattoo. I got it a year ago It is the Divine Om/Aum symbol. People ask me, "What does it mean?" And I get overwhelmed with the many answers I could give because it means so many things. I usually just say something short and vague, "Oh, it means past, present and future." But when I started looking up ideas, I saw this and discovered the meanings for it and I found relevance in so many of them. One meaning that stood out the most is "the universal spiritual connection." When I was 7 years old around Easter, I really wanted to visit my Grandma who lived in PA. I always LOVED going there so much. My Mom and Dad worked and thought the trip might be too much but I cried and was so upset that we weren't going so they decided to cave in to me. We finally get there Friday night and find my Grandma dead, I remember the day like it happened yesterday. I sat there confused. My parents made me and my brother go to bed right away. It was my Dad's mom, so he was up pretty late sitting downstairs. During the night, I got out of bed to talk to tell him to lock the screen door, which my Grandma always said, and my dad till this day says I sounded just like her. The next day, I walked threw my Grandma's house and I saw her sitting in her favorite chair. I told everyone, "Grandma, is right there." No one saw her, but me. On the day of her funeral, I didn't wanna go to or get dressed or anything cause I saw her painting in her room that same morning. I didn't understand why no one saw what I did, she was still alive in my eyes. It was me that convinced my family to go to PA in the first place, I guess you can call it intuition at a very young age, which is crazy to fathom. We were connect spiritually that whole time there, she was with me and I was the only one to see it. I find that amazing. I wish she could have physical be here to see me grow up, but I know she is watching over me right now in heaven and I love her and miss her everyday.