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Shannon Mums Custom Tattoo San Diego PB Hold Hands Shannon @ Mums

tattoo design filler

Shannon @ Mums Custom Tattoo 1837 Garnet Ave San Diego, CA 92109 Custom designed holding hands tattoo 2
filler051610 had a really

tattoo filler

had a really short tattoo session today just to finish up the waves. next time we'll start on some sea shells & possibly a squid. *weee* everything but the sacred heart done by eric wason at lucky draw tattoo in glendale, az.
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filler to a tattoo

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Three random tattoo ideas

"Style and Culture", page 185 Fig. 8.11/6. Langsdorff's

polynesian eye

Fig. 8.11/6. Langsdorff's 1813 engraving of young warrior with eye and face designs. Source: Langsdorff 1813-14. Reproduced in Gell (1998:185), "Style and Culture", Art and Agency: An Anthropological Theory . see also: Great Diagrams in Anthropology, Linguistics, and Social Theory
Matt Jacuzzi healed jesus,,,


healed jesus,,,
Kasper Statistiken Stats for only

kasper tattoo

Stats for only one of my images :()