Flash - Tattoowise

teamtag result Finished this off

tattoo old free flash

Finished this off together w/ Timmytatts Sellers within two hours of great fun
Dancing in pink From the photoshoot

tattoo umbrella flash

From the photoshoot with my friend Frida. This pose wasn't actually intended to be captured, but as she was reorganizing herself I snapped off a couple and manage to capture this lovely moment. UPDATE: View large on white , and thanks a lot for all the comments! Much appreciated. Strobist: Camera left, 430EX II through solid white umbrella. SB-26 through pink gel on white wall as background. Lightened up a bit in Lightroom.
Misfitiki Flash from a

tiki tattoo flash

Flash from a tattoo book in Hawaii.
Scholarly Skull Tattoo Flash in the timeless American Traditional Style Gift for a

traditional skull tattoo flash

Gift for a friend, after Bert Grimm flash from the 1940s.
Tattoo Flash More Flash as

traditional tattoo flash sailor jerry

More Flash as I work on my apprenticeship...
Rocking the chair My rocking friend

umbrella flash tattoo

My rocking friend Frida came by today to do a little photoshoot. Played around a bit and took an overkill amount of shots but I picked out a few I really liked. We were both satisfied with the sesh. Strobist: Camera high left, 430EX II at 50mm on full power through umbrella. The SB-26 is actually sat on by the subject itself, powered on 1/2 at 85mm through pink gel on wall, to create a pink vignette.
IMG_5866 Sarah Sullivan. Millennium

vintage flash tattoos

Sarah Sullivan. Millennium Tattoo.
Peacock Tattoo Tattoos By Gabe

japanese flash art

Tattoos By Gabe Garcia Iron Tiger Tattoo Columbia Mo
Theresa Manchester_01 Talk about a

tattoos news flash desenhos

Talk about a news room!
The Tattoo Shoot (19) The Tattoo Shoot

umbrella flash tattoos

The Tattoo Shoot For this years Hotrod Hayride Art Show. Models : Bill and Lori Fadden Thanks to Klunky for letting us use his place as the venue. Canon 40D with Sigma 30mm F/1.4 lens. Mainly natural light but outside shot with 430EX flash and Stofen diffuser.
Owlboard, Keyowl? flash This a part

watercolour tattoo flash

This a part of many months work. producing Flash art on found frames. If anyone wants any let me know. It's an owl.. (not for sale) Exhibition- 05 NOV -DUT campus.
flash dragon tattoo tattoo by John

japanese dragon tattoos flash

tattoo by John DeWeese
Pirate Skull : Mini Coffin Acrylic painted, premade

tattoo flash diamonds

Acrylic painted, premade mini wooden coffin. www.dangersjones.etsy.com

Three random tattoo ideas

IMG_3990 My braille tattoo

girl spine tattoo

My braille tattoo - it means "matter"
Minha super tattoo Feita pelo Sergio

tatoo de triskle

Feita pelo Sergio da Tattoo You. Isto na verdade é uma cobertura.