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Owl tattoo flash 454 in Encinitas

owl tattoo flash

454 in Encinitas
French Bulldog and Creme Puff www.dangersjones.etsy.com www.dangersjones.blogspot.com

teacup tattoo flash

www.dangersjones.etsy.com www.dangersjones.blogspot.com
Rawr Hand-painted Ed Hardy

ed hardy flash

Hand-painted Ed Hardy tattoo tiger. Cakes are my #2 hobby, after tattoos.
Pat. one Portrait explored 1

tattoo flash bear

Portrait explored 1 WL 1600 for background with pink filter, 1 WL 1600 with red filter for hair lighting, 1 WL 2400 reflect in umbrella 3/4 right, 1ds + 70-200 + f/5.6
From here to infinity Love my new

1000 tattoo free flash

Love my new tattoo‚ô• Artist: www.flickr.com/photos/leeta_fun_sawah/
flash7-11 tattoo ideas. i

bicycle tattoo flash

tattoo ideas. i got a million of em.
Baby You Can Wash My Plane Melanie invited a

black and white tattoo flash hand

Melanie invited a few photographers out to the skydiving place she works at on weekends for a shoot. She's a great model and fun to work with. Model: Melanie Knudson Airplane: Skydive Twin Cities Strobist 540EZ 1/2 power through umbrella on right Pocket Wizards
Flaming Lighting detail to

blog tattoo flash

Lighting detail to come tomorrow am.
0817_April_Ink_4907 Strobist: AB800, full

blue flash tattoos

Strobist: AB800, full power, shoot thru on my left set off with a CyberSync.

Three random tattoo ideas

elbow skull tattoo you should have

vikings gallery tattoo

you should have seen the face he was making when he got that one...
Butterfly Canton Farmers Market

ankle tattoos butterflies

Canton Farmers Market 8/16/09. My name is Naseem Bokhari and I'm a henna artist located in Canton, MI. I do henna for parties, baby showers/pregnancy (on mother's belly), wedding/bridal or for individuals in the Canton, MI area or cities around there. If you are interested in an appointment or curious about my henna designs, contact me at: hennabynaseem@yahoo.com