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102 Tattoo flash - NielsvanS.com Blame tattoo design

flash tattoo out lines

Blame tattoo design by: www.nielsvans.com
Halloween Cupcake : Mini Coffin Acrylic painted, premade

cupcake tattoo flash art

Acrylic painted, premade mini wooden coffin. www.dangersjones.etsy.com
28 Coffin Sugar Skull Jewelry by Oh

bat tattoo flash

Jewelry by Oh Sexy Girlfriend available in this design www.shophandmade.com/Item/6-758-H75G149
The White Room Lighting setup can

full back female tattoo flash

Lighting setup can be seen Here.
Mom flash - Onsie by Withremote This design was

mom tattoo flash

This design was inspired by old tattoo flash designs. I wished I had an awesome onesie like this when i was younger! This is a screen printed design on Gerber cotton onsies.
old easel mess easel circa 2004

tattoo flash demons

easel circa 2004 Spray paint, India Ink, Acrylic,
Bulldog www.dangersjones.etsy.com

tattoo flash outline free

This Is Hell Playing The Crown,

bandana tattoo flash

Playing The Crown, Middlesbrough. Its been a fair time since I photographed a club show. The full set will be up at www.thrashhits.com. packed with plenty of jump shots.
IMG_2610 Great for Chicken,

revolvers tattoo flash

Great for Chicken, Seafood, Beef, Pork & Chicken Great As A Dipping Sauce!
Pumpkin : Mini Coffin Acrylic painted, premade

flash coffin tattoo

Acrylic painted, premade mini wooden coffin. www.dangersjones.etsy.com

Three random tattoo ideas

Day 99 - We Can Do It! (April 30, 2007) Inspired both by

firefly tattoo art

Inspired both by the Rosie the Riveter sign I have for inspiration in the Danger Room and Lynn's wonderful artwork manipulations. The see-through part of the do-rag was tricky until I realized that an inverted grayscale copy of it as a layer mask would do the trick. Anyway, today was a good day. I rolled up my sleeves and resolved a years-old conflict. I've also got someone moving into the empty room of Slackhaus, resolving me paying all these bills by my damn self. It was a shiny day.
Embroidered Sugar skull This is a

sugar skull name tattoo

This is a close up of the sugar skull that's embroidered on the newest addition to my line of tattoo inspired ring slings