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"Gone but not forgotten" "Tattoos of memories

black ink skull flash tattoo

"Tattoos of memories and dead skin on trial. For what it's worth, it was worth all the while. I hope you had the time of your life"
Tattoo Necklace Tattoo and pin

cherubs tattoo flash

Tattoo and pin up inspired necklace
Homegirl Praying Hands Necklace Jewelry by Oh

chola tattoo flash

Jewelry by Oh Sexy Girlfriend Accessories made with my art www.myspace.com/osgbymissy www.shophandmade.com/Item/6-758-H03JR70
The Rasvala Brothers 9 6th of a

cross tattoo flash

6th of a larger set. The notorious Rasvala Brothers hijacked me to do this photoshoot in honor of the release of their father Jarmo Rasvala who got out of prison. strobist: sb26 cam right through umbrella @ 1/4. sb26 cam left reflected via silver umbrella @ 1/2.
Blown Strobist: Brolly with

crow tattoo flash

Strobist: Brolly with viv285 at 1/4 right behind (it's the white background) - Pentax af540 at 1/16 bare cam right. Comment and critique welcome.
Sailor Jerry 90 Sailor Jerry was

dice tattoo flash

Sailor Jerry was tagged with the name Norman Collins at birth, but he began to distance himself from normalcy when he was 19 (that's why he became a sailor). He traveled around the world, not only getting his first tattoos, but also gaining exposure to the art and imagery of Southeast Asia. This later became a crucial influence when he opened his first tattoo shop in Honolulu's Chinatown, ground zero for swaggering sailors, drunken soldiers and whoever else wasn't afraid to hang around volatile levels of testosterone. The Honolulu Tattoo district was designed to accommodate a time in men's lives when they drank heavily, paid for women, and imprinted their biceps with pictures solid and resonant enough to last a lifetime. Back then, Chinatown was the only place on the island where a man could get a tattoo, creating fierce competition among the many tattoo parlors. Roving sailors weren't looking at the nuances of shading and color, they were seeking pictures worth showing off to
djminor34 DJ Minor 

dj minor flash

DJ Minor Tasty Squirrels Tattoo 12537 Jones Rd • Houston, TX 77070 • (832) 343-7964 www.TastySquirrels.com www.kantreed.com www.myspace.com/djminor www.inkednation.com/djminor Check out my wife's tattooing at: :http://www.myspace.com/canvasjunkie
PA132868 mads in hjerteknus

flash chest tattoo

mads in hjerteknus
_MG_3272-22 1/20 sec at

flash neck tattoo

1/20 sec at f/2.8, 16mm (11-16 mm), ISO 3200

Three random tattoo ideas

EYE harizanmai.jp

tattoo eye pic

Tattooed From a tattoo

gallery yakuza tattoos

From a tattoo shoot I did in Japan. More at FANTiM.COM