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heartdesign by skor designs

flash tattoo designs

by skor designs
Tag Heuer Link watch product shot Yes it is

floral flash tattoo

Yes it is cracked in case you're wondering :-). Need to get myself a decent macro lens...
Jesters Court Mickey for Jester's

free flash tattoo art

Mickey for Jester's Court Tattoo - located on Pittsburgh's South Side
284 - NielsvanS.com www.nielsvans.com/

free maori flash

Roundup I had to

free tattoo flash gangster

I had to get into one of these shots.
Star Wars Flash Sheet 2 Watercolours in a

free tattoo flash sheet

Watercolours in a Trad stylee, pretty darned happy with this 'un.
Traditional Envelope / Flowers on a foot done by Kirk

free tribal flash

done by Kirk Nilsen @ Tribal Passage 1889 Rt 88 Brick, NJ 08724 732-458-8569 kirknilsen@gmail.com www.kirknilsen.tk www.myspace.com/kirknilsen www.kirknilsen.blogspot.com
Blind Character drawings for

german tattoo flash gallery

Character drawings for a screenplay by a friend.
Playfull... From a fun

graffiti tattoo flash

From a fun shooting day with Signe as a "first-time-(hopefully-not-the-last)-model"
DIY Tatoos A friend. Told

heart flash tattoo

A friend. Told us his Gf did them.
Death Awaits (symmetrically hah) This is pretty

hourglass tattoo flash

This is pretty big. Probly about 8'x14'. Need to add a background, but i hate the green faces, so i said fuck it and i'll just do it next time around....whenever that is..
tattoo flash in progress, Koi, Kannon, Flowers Today, I totally

japanese flower tattoo flash

Today, I totally lost track of time. A day off dedicated to Japanese Studies. Arigato Kami sama! & Apologise for the bad quality mobile shot :)
needlish A friend of

marine tattoo flash

A friend of mine is in the Marines and had planned on (over time) finishing her tattoo. Recently the Marine corp put restrictions on tattoos below uniform sleeve line so she was forced to finish it NOW or wait 9 years...she opted for now. Her artist was Jason from Absolute Tattoo in San Diego,CA. He did an amazing job and has my seal of approval. I only wish I'd taken a shot of the finished version...maybe next time I see her :)

Three random tattoo ideas

.sueno. Bigg'r ...happy belated

star tattoo on a belly

Bigg'r ...happy belated 4th ya'll