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Cletas PaintJob BY FENO  photo: Japo Santos visit: www.fenodesign.com.ar visit:

tattoo coop flash

visit: www.fenodesign.com.ar visit: www.fotolog.com/fenodesign thak u!
Composite #1 I know this

tattoo fire flash sleeve

I know this was posted yesterday, but several asked to see it larger, so here you are. My first composite ever. Background is a hangar from Star Trek Voyager. Nikon D700 + Carl Zeiss 35mm Strobist: SB-600 @ 1/4 power camera right into umbrella SB-700 @ 1/2 power camera left and high into umbrella Triggered through Yongnuo wireless system The journey is the reward. Please, no group invitations or badges.
RT 3 flash kicks my

tattoo flash con color

flash kicks my ass
Greta. Martillo de juguete Larga exposición

tattoo flash iris

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it is broken + 2 in

tattoo flash part 2

+ 2 in comments find this beer at home thought it was pretty neat haha took this in my photostudio have a good day everyone! PLEACE!! COMMENT I want to know if it is good or bad. Super Good On Black!!!!!!!!
key to my heart. Dr. Ph. Martins

tattoo flash print free

Dr. Ph. Martins syncromatic water colors on Arches 140lb Watercolor Block, Hot Press, 8x10". Prints up for sale in my Etsy shop, please check my profile for more info. TFL! <3
 model: Maia Frost

tattoo flash tombstone

model: Maia Frost
Swinging Dreads Strobist: Pentax AF540

tattoo girl flash

Strobist: Pentax AF540 cam left at 1/16 bounced of ceiling. Viv285 at 1/4 through brolly cam right. Comment and critique welcome.
Cherry Blossom Record Bowl : close up www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=30228492 www.dangersjones.etsy.com

tattoo japanese flowers flash

www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=30228492 www.dangersjones.etsy.com

Three random tattoo ideas

another song.... He had the

tatoo tribal indonesia

He had the best smile, complete with gold teeth! Originals shot with a Nikon FG in 1992.
my tattoo :-) this is my

music tattoo heart

this is my tattoo! i loveee music.
 Thought i would

thigh high tattoo

Thought i would reshoot and try editing the idea i had from this photo www.flickr.com/photos/jo-hanna-albert/8179403220/in/photo...