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IMG_2723.jpg Left shoulder, just

flower gallery tattoos lilies

Left shoulder, just outline.
Drawing The original drawing

bee flower tattoo art

The original drawing for the dinosaur (clearer view, as it is difficult to photograph the 'whole picture' once the artwork is tattooed onto a 3D shape, ie. arm) Tattoo by Nick Baxter, Austin, TX
Lotus Flower IMG_6149 Lotus Flower: Dying....

hi flower tatoo

Lotus Flower: Dying....
cebu sunset i was on

philippines flower tattoo

i was on a ferry boat when i took this shot
finished2 It was still

dahlia flower tattoo

It was still very shiny at this point.
Amor Te Ipsum Love Thyself
Another daily

cupcake flower tattoo

Love Thyself Another daily reminder! My commitment to myself! I spent to many years NOT loving myself.... Done by Franky 4 Fingers @ Bennetts Tattoo Sapulpa ok
Flutter Away Model & Styling:

hippy flower tattoo

Model & Styling: Erica Wilde Photo & Editing: Mee © Punch Bunny 2009

Three random tattoo ideas

kes slow motion walter

female singer tattoo

slow motion walter Family Hotel Bathurst Dec 07
"I wanna...."  I often

vintage gypsy tattoo pics

I often draw my images for my gloves onto paper. The gloves are leather and narrow so they have their own limitations. The square of the paper can lead to design elements I would have not added onto a glove. Because my art is so tattoo inspired my works on paper can easily be called "flash". However I do not define these as flash, they are not intended for a tattoo shop. They are for myself as a way to more deeply understand and explore my imagery.
Hand-marked Tribal tattoos in

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Tribal tattoos in a Jaipuri market. Published in German MAX magazine, December 2006.