Flower - Tattoowise

the flower with more meaning than it seems the scanner darkly

hannah flower tattoo

the scanner darkly flower as mentioned on hanna's leg from my sleeve. [photo from june]
tattoo flash in progress, Koi, Kannon, Flowers Today, I totally

japanese flower tattoo flash

Today, I totally lost track of time. A day off dedicated to Japanese Studies. Arigato Kami sama! & Apologise for the bad quality mobile shot :)
Becky tattoo February 2009

large flower back tattoos

tattoo February 2009
Becky tattoo February 2009

large flower tattoos

tattoo February 2009
Randomnesssss* Totally random, but

legs tattoo flower

Totally random, but it tickled my fancy =]
Me 10-12-08 2a My tattoo- by

lotus flower and peony tattoos

My tattoo- by Nina at the Laughing Buddha in Seattle, WA. A lotus, peony, and lily.
Lotus Flower - IMGP0699 Graphic Lotus Flower

lotus flower graphic

Graphic Lotus Flower - Green White - vector traetment
2009 Bristol Homecoming Queen festival Face Painting

magical flower tattoo

Face Painting
finis. verdict: mark skipper @ trx is an artist & a gentleman magnolia by mark

magnolia flower tatoo

magnolia by mark skipper @ TRX; he is officially my go-to guy. he freehanded this based on an image & a lot of words from me. dude is badass. i am totally in love with this piece, btw. the worst part will be telling my grandparents that in addition to 6 rarely visible tattoos, i now have a 7th that is extremely visible & fairly large.

Three random tattoo ideas

BY EDGE www.flickr.com/photos/devassa/ www.fotolog.com/cherrynynna www.myspace.com/nynnacherry

joker tatoo

www.flickr.com/photos/devassa/ www.fotolog.com/cherrynynna www.myspace.com/nynnacherry www.myspace.com/edge_tattoo www.flickr.com/photos/edge_tattoo/ www.fotolog.com/edge_tattoo
STEW_SCREW_TATTOO_NECKLACE_2 Stewed,Screwed & Tattooed

screwed myself

Stewed,Screwed & Tattooed Pendant Necklace