Flower - Tattoowise

the flower with more meaning than it seems the scanner darkly

hannah flower tattoo

the scanner darkly flower as mentioned on hanna's leg from my sleeve. [photo from june]
tattoo flash in progress, Koi, Kannon, Flowers Today, I totally

japanese flower tattoo flash

Today, I totally lost track of time. A day off dedicated to Japanese Studies. Arigato Kami sama! & Apologise for the bad quality mobile shot :)
Becky tattoo February 2009

large flower back tattoos

tattoo February 2009
Becky tattoo February 2009

large flower tattoos

tattoo February 2009
Randomnesssss* Totally random, but

legs tattoo flower

Totally random, but it tickled my fancy =]
Me 10-12-08 2a My tattoo- by

lotus flower and peony tattoos

My tattoo- by Nina at the Laughing Buddha in Seattle, WA. A lotus, peony, and lily.
Lotus Flower - IMGP0699 Graphic Lotus Flower

lotus flower graphic

Graphic Lotus Flower - Green White - vector traetment
2009 Bristol Homecoming Queen festival Face Painting

magical flower tattoo

Face Painting
finis. verdict: mark skipper @ trx is an artist & a gentleman magnolia by mark

magnolia flower tatoo

magnolia by mark skipper @ TRX; he is officially my go-to guy. he freehanded this based on an image & a lot of words from me. dude is badass. i am totally in love with this piece, btw. the worst part will be telling my grandparents that in addition to 6 rarely visible tattoos, i now have a 7th that is extremely visible & fairly large.

Three random tattoo ideas

Seashell Tattoo Merry Christmas, Jenni.

seashell tattoos

Merry Christmas, Jenni. I kept this hidden for a month. And with Jenni's Christmas gifts, I gave her a skeleton key. There's parts of me that are only meant for her. Why the seashell, you ask? This is why. This is after one month of healing.
swallow. tattoo idea 3!

tattoo swallow drawing

tattoo idea 3! i like this one best two little ones on the back of my neck i think :)