Flower - Tattoowise

Belinda's Tattoo in memory of our son please click on

son flower tattoo

please click on the 3 pictures below to be in detail
Flower and bird 4 This is fake2.

tatoo flower hand

This is fake2. I drew the pattern on my hand.
Flower girl Vanessa... no photoshop

tatoo flower sun

Vanessa... no photoshop whatsoever!
Purple Iris(es) Two purple irises.

tatoo of the iris flower

Two purple irises. Pencil and wash.
DSC_0005 After the dressing

tattoo design of jasmine flower

After the dressing came off. Still a little sore but looking beautiful.
White Lotus Flower IMG_0286-bw White Lotus Flower

tattoo flower bud

White Lotus Flower For the best visual effect, please view on black
bugs kinda rushed this

tattoo flower bugs

kinda rushed this one (added bonus... cat hair in my scanner!)
Loco et tempore (place and moment) This is the

tattoo flower cover

This is the cover of my next poesy book. The draw is from my brother Tafa-fall, the design is mine. (Gracias asere!)
054.365: 1 of 3. In the last

tattoo flower for legs

In the last couple of days I have bought 3 new pairs of awesomely cute vegan shoes. This is one of them. If I am tired, rushed, or idea-less (as I was all three tonight - trifecta!), perhaps I will take photos of them. Whether I find an outfit to wear them with this week or not. Actually 1 pair I did wear yesterday...this pair and the 3rd pair I received on my doorstep today.
TheFineDetails  17/365~~~01/17/2009 #17 of my

tattoo flower photoshop

#17 of my first 365. What do you say when a 16y/o shows you her new tattoo? "Roll up your pant leg and let me get a shot of that!!" It was a tuff choice picking my photo for the 365, but I decided on this one. The other option was my son's abs. Not today!!!! I altered this photo in photoshop, copying the section of the lily, enlarging it and adding it to the side of the original photo so I could show the detail...
My arm in bloom :-) OK...so now I

tattoo flower plumeria

OK...so now I know how hard it is to take a photo of my own arm, LOL. I thought I'd give you a close-up of my ongoing full sleeve, it's been completely outlined but the 'colouring in' is only halfway...quite a few sessions to go already! Tattoo artist: Ken Patten of The Tattoo Station , Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England

Three random tattoo ideas

163/365 You're out there And I’m locked

girl profile tattoo

And I’m locked in. Dear Makayla, When things seem out of reach, it’s usually because they are. And complicating things, doesn’t help either. It’s like learning to ride a bike; you can do it if someone is holding on but you can’t truly learn until that someone lets go. So be that someone and let go. Always, Your Mind This is yesterday’s. It’s less than exciting. That’s my new dress. That I love<3 Just thought you all should know :] And I don’t care how over-exposed the outside is. I think I like it that way. Don’t forget to enter my Free Print Giveaway because I might have to pick winners tonight! If not, I’m picking them tomorrow. So hurry hurry hurry! And if you would like to do a print exchange, message me. Thanks everyone :)
The things you find on the beach Walk along the

tattoo man spain

Walk along the beach in Benidorm Spain and you find all sorts of discarded objects just laying around.