Flower - Tattoowise

Cretaceous Sleeve - inside The second trip

bee on flower tatoo

The second trip to Austin for more work on my Cretaceous sleeve tattoo: November, 2011 - 2 days, 9 hours January, 2012 - 2 days, 13 hours Total: 22 hours Tattoo by Nick Baxter, Austin, TX
White Lotus Flower - IMG_1952 White Lotus Flower:

fine art flower tattoos

White Lotus Flower: Fine art image - Lo-key (LOw key)
Adrian Witzel - Grabbing Some Air Kassel-Ost Bowlmasters 2012

flower family tattoos

Kassel-Ost Bowlmasters 2012
almond tree....S all works are

flower irezumi

all works are made by FREE HAND . GAKKIN TATTOO(Kyoto tattooist) now workin, at harizanmai studio. see the website www.harizanmai.jp
Fractalius Blue Lotus Flower - IMGP3434-sha Blue / Purple

fractalius lotus flower

Blue / Purple Lotus and the leaf - Fractalius
Lotus Flower Sketch - IMGP3808 Lotus Flower Sketch

lotus flower tattoos designs drawings

Lotus Flower Sketch / Pencil Drawing / Photo Based
Eesha Deol - Bollywood Actress Odissi dance performance

pretty cute flower tattoos

Odissi dance performance
Chico's Angels On stage 211 Vince Pavia as

tattoo picture with flower on arms

Vince Pavia as Peter Rison Check us out: www.youtube.com/watch?v=syiabe_JEgc www.myspace.com/chicosangels www.chicosangels.com
No Color Model: Katia, MM#189635

chain of flower tattoo

Model: Katia, MM#189635 Photographer: Sean, MM#684173 Strobist: One Vivitar 285HV thru white umbrella camera right @ 1/4 (1/2?), one Vivitar 283 bare @ 1/32 far camera left. Trigged by eBay triggers. Mad props to Sarah and Drew for their work as light stands, and of course to Katia for showing her colors.
Colour Interpretation - Dia De Los Meurtos A colourful interpretation

day of the dead flower tattoos

A colourful interpretation of Dia De Los Meurtos Mexican festival, Day of the Dead. This one is done on a black background and I did a second on the white, as I couldn't choose which I liked best :D

Three random tattoo ideas

Cris's away party - Dont event think! A conner of

sydney road tattoo

A conner of Bondi Hotel Pub on Cambel pde.
H-I-O and Damon V they are so

tattoo men back wings

they are so yummy doo dee doo