Flower - Tattoowise

FRAU VON UTOPIA - FIREFOX 05263 Frau Von Utopia

focus flower tattoo

Frau Von Utopia and her dog, Firefox.
 what is reality

guy flower tattoo

what is reality to this synthetic doll
Koi sleeve Scott getting more

koi tattoo chrysanthemum flower

Scott getting more work done by Keet of Liberty Tattoo on his new koi and chrysanthemum sleeve
Still life "Still Life" 60x30cm

tattoo flower spray

"Still Life" 60x30cm Mutha 2011. "SHE COMES FROM HELL" Galerie 49 du 11 Janvier au 12 Fevrier 2011 49 rue Fran├žois Arago 66000 Perpignan www.galerie49.fr
-Hot needle Inc.Pacman Tattoo slurl.com/secondlife/Phoenix%20Uplifted/195/186/21

guns and flower tattoo

Lotus Flower IMG_9913 Lotus Flower For

lotus flower with smoke tattoo

Lotus Flower For the best results, please view on black background by clicking on this link.... Tkanks
Keep Walking Put your best

blue flower foot tattoo

Put your best foot forward.... and keep walking, and most importantly, don't look back.
scan.3 024 traditional tallship tattoo

flower banner tattoos

traditional tallship tattoo

Three random tattoo ideas

Cat tattoo And the newest

cat tattoo art

And the newest edition to my list-of-things-I-will-probably-not-get-unless-I-have-a-mid-life-crisis-and-it-seems-like-a-good-idea... This wicked cat tattoo! The woman on whose arm this cat lives is a graphic designer who does window art in Vancouver. I love this tattoo. Simple and elegant. It was part of a bigger tattoo that she called The Debutante , but at the time I was only concerned with the feline bit and didn't get the rest of her bicept. ...and yes, I did ask a woman in the bathroom line-up at a pub if I could take a picture of her arm...why do you ask?? :P