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Still I love fog

flower tatto hands

I love fog :)
In her own little world She talks to

flower tattoo espalda

She talks to birds she talks to angels she talks to trees she talks to bees She don't talk to me Talks to the rainbows and to the seas she talks to the trees She don't talk to me ♫♪ RaMoNeS ♫♪ :D No soy muy de los autorretratos, pero hace un tiempo me hice este tattoo y tenia ganas de sacarle una "linda" fotito... ---- @SabrusSooz
Enchanted Eagle Skull Rough Sketches, a

flower tattoos colored in

Rough Sketches, a glimpse.
From the beginning of Summer '08.. Make-Up by Me,

flower tattoos for legs

Make-Up by Me, Picture by Chas :)
-Hot needle Inc.Flower4 Tattoo slurl.com/secondlife/Phoenix%20Uplifted/195/186/21

guns and flower tattoos

Skull & Flower Tattoo Tattoo by Eric

atlanta flower tattoos

Tattoo by Eric Scsavnicki Southside Tattoo & Piercing 1597 White Way East Point, Ga 30344 (404) 781-8000 www.SouthsideTattoo.net
 Nikon D700 |

black white flower tattoos

Nikon D700 | Zeiss Distagon ZF T* 35mm f/2 |
caught in a Bad Romance ♥ Make-up by me

bloody flower tattoos

Make-up by me :) - By now I'm sure you've all heard "Bad Romance" - Lady GaGa & seen the great video, I love it!!!

Three random tattoo ideas

Fake Tattoo ~ Local Style ~ This woman was

where to get a henna in waikiki

This woman was getting an ink tattoo of a plumeria at the International Marketplace in Waikiki.
 sitck and poke

safety pin tattoo

sitck and poke with safety pin and colored ink.
Back And Upper Leg Traditional Tattoo, Dunstable 1996 Here is some

thigh tats

Here is some brilliant artistic tattoo work over back, chest (not shown), waist and upper legs. The detail on the head in the middle of the back is great. A medusa type figure. Nice block outline detail mainly maintaining a black/white theme. Have a look at some of my other tattoo images on Flickr - www.flickr.com/search/?q=Tattoo&w=33062170@N08 . Keep in touch, add me as a contact www.flickr.com/relationship.gne?id=33062170@N08 (c) Hotpix / HotpixUK Tony Smith - Hotpix.freeserve.co.uk WDCC 07092182899