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Lotus Flower - IMGP7760-buzz Pink Lotus Flower

exotic flower tattoo art

Pink Lotus Flower and leaf image using the Buzz Filter
Salsa She was about

female flower tattos

She was about to start her performance and the lights had dimmed. Salsa Congress 2010 Bangalore
My Tattoo Alright, so this

flower back of neck tattoos

Alright, so this is my tattoo! I love it and it's gorgeous. I especially love this pic because I never get to see my tattoo like this! Ink by Melissa Daye at Fast Lane Tattoos in Tucson, AZ
Dragon head  Session 2 -

flower dragon tattoo sleeve

Session 2 - 4 hours shading to dragons head
June 20 (2) This is directly

flower inspired tattoos

This is directly inspired by Alphonse Mucha's wonderful design work as well as my own doodling. Hope that you like it. This is the second scan, I found the first to be interesting, but ultimately not what I was after.
Dragon Lady of the Cherry Blossoms tattoo work in progress....kanji

flower kanji tattoo

work in progress....kanji done last session, second session today we added a nice flow of cherry blossoms, color for the blossoms next session in a few weeks...
Denouement A traditional key

flower mandala tattoos

A traditional key with round flowers, key and script.
I have never wanted to pick a scab so bad. It's just right

flower poppy tattoo

It's just right there, looking all gross and super scabbed, like it wants to be free. But I know not to, besides, I got the fresh scab stuck in my sweater originally, which is why I got this re-inked the other day. Cross your fingers that it heals well, I'm ready for it to look pretty.
100x65 c"m marker art Gedsc digital camera

flower side piece tattoo

Gedsc digital camera
tatoo New piece done

flower side tat

New piece done on 7/17/07
marker art 100x65 c"m marker & pencil

flower spine tattoo

marker & pencil

Three random tattoo ideas

14/365 2.14.2007 Bleeding Heart ...Be Still My

tribute tattoo gallery

...Be Still My Bleeding Heart I DID it. All For Love. All For You Daddy. When my Dad was Diagnosed with cancer (December 29 2005) During his Year Long Battle I said to my Sisters "My First Tattoo will be a Tribute to Daddy" well They were thinking the Same thing. Nothing more Personal, and Permanent then the Love we each have for our Daddy. But what would I choose ....a Bear comes to mind First? But None were Catching my eye ...Then A Vase of flowers with the Ribbon of "PaPa Bear" flowing across? Naa Then One day I was on my MYSPACE profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile... and saw a Picture I took of MY Bleeding Hearts that Bloom Every Year. They are unique, Faithful and Beautiful. Just so happen to be pink and Girly! 3 hearts 3 girls........THAT'S IT! I grabbed a paper Sketched It out, Called The Tattoo Shop www.eternaletchingstattoos.com/ and Made the Appoin
Mackay D20 Tattoo Matt Tat or

d20 tattoo

Matt Tat or Lance Maples tattoo, either name is fine.