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New Moon 2011 Dates: Feb. 11

tatto mask flowers

Dates: Feb. 11 (Fri) to Mar 13 (Sun) 2011 Time: Tues ~ Sat 12-7 pm | Sun 12 am-5 pm Reception: Friday, February 11, 6-9 pm Place: myplasticheartnyc Address: 210 Forsyth St., Lower East Side, New York Phone: 646.290.6866 Artist Lineup: 64 colors Andrew Bannecker Catmandru! Daisy Church Molly Crabapple Camilla d’Errico Jason Freeny Leontine Greenberg Harley and Boss Koralie Frank Kozik Travis Louie Guy Mckinley Junko Mizuno Dabs Myla Noferin @my Ruppel Amy Sol Steve Talkowski Roland Tamayo Yosuke Ueno Julie West Yoskay Yamamoto
wrist-ful of butterflies When the designs

tattoo flowers for wrist

When the designs are chosen with care, tattoos have a power and magic all their own. They decorate the body but they also enhance the soul. ~ Michelle Delio
I'm poppy Last time, i

tattoo flowers poppy

Last time, i have a feeling that i miss adventures in my life... can't remember the last time when i did something totally different, something made me lose my mind, something that people shoot movies about... Maybe it is just summer has come and some hormones in my body are asking me for adventures)) Music: Chambao - Ahi Estas Tu (very nice lyrics -
Come Closer Thank you Maiapilo

tattoo flowers purple

Thank you Maiapilo
ROSES Acrylic on canvas

tattoo flowers rose

Acrylic on canvas 15" x 15"
DSC_3052 Marisa's Arm. Tattoo

tattoo gallery birds flowers

Marisa's Arm. Tattoo done by Susan Behney-Doyle at Jinx Proof Tattoos in Georgetown, Washington DC.
"They always smurf on me!" "Kym., did you

tattoo heart flowers

"Kym., did you really have to smurf THEM?" ….Sorry, Brainy, but you can’t smurf a smurf at the checkout. The cashier girl just smurfs one out the box and smurfs it to you. Well, you smurf that, don’t you?
Cherry Blossom Record Bowl : close up

tattoo japanese flowers flash
tattoo My new tattoo.

tattoo japanese skull flowers

My new tattoo. Done by Robert at Black inc. in Fresno, Ca
We the People Sparky Showing off

tattoo of flowers on chest

Sparky Showing off her tattoos Nikon D700 w/ 24-70 @ 55mm F/3.2 1/60sec +.3 Step @ ISO 1000 - No Flash, handheld Photoshop corrected Colors, Levels and adding Sharpness
04.03.11_Tattoo_01 Initial outline and

tattoo victorian flowers

Initial outline and shading. Right thigh. Dawn Grace @ Tattoo Factory in Chicago

Three random tattoo ideas

Pikinini gal and Bobo Grandma's tatoo has

tattoo on grandmother

Grandma's tatoo has faded some with the years. Tufi, Papua New Guinea
Puoi arrivare da qualsiasi parte, nello spazio e nel tempo, dovunque tu desideri. Ciascuno di noi

tatuaggi uccelli

Ciascuno di noi è, in verità, un'immagine del grande gabbiano, un'infinita idea di libertà, senza limiti. (Richard Bach - Il gabbiano Jonathan Livingston)
Ian with his new Koi Ian all done

tribal side sleeve

Ian all done for the day, after spend a few hours in the chair under Demian's Needle He has some amazing work on him, just stunning. Shot at London Tattoo in Angel Canon 30D