Foot - Tattoowise

Swallow Tattoo. Tail feathers of

pictures of nice foot tattoos

Tail feathers of my swallow tattoo
Photo Shoot 17 Legs up showing

wife foot tattoo

Legs up showing that ripped chest!
DSC00004 old photo in

cute foot tattoos for girls

old photo in pink with toe rings
Henna on hand This design wrapped

henna design hand foot tattoo

This design wrapped around the wrist but it's hard to get a good photo of all of it and how it flowed
Feet with Anklet Feet in Sandals

legs and foot

Feet in Sandals
tattoo this is the

tattoo turtle foot

this is the first tattoo i got shortly after my 18th birthday. it's a turtle that i designed myself. i thought it was really important to make my first one especially be a personal design
foot tattoo healed by Bill Stevenson

eye tattoo on foot

by Bill Stevenson at Tattoo Museum- Baltimore

Three random tattoo ideas

Final Design Darren Bent T shirt This is the

faith in tattoo script

This is the final draft, i got some help from my boss at work to get the layout, this one obv looks better but the first draft is still my preferred one. It's in the Umbro Tee shop if you want one, Limited and all that guff.
new glasses Bloke don't make

portrait tattoos in frames

Bloke don't make passes at men who wear glasses... In other news, you try taking a photo with a iSight camera without picking up reflections no matter where you look.
imprint San Francisco, California.

gallery tatoo maya

San Francisco, California.