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what to get with a baby foot tattoo

This is a photo of a young lady that I work with and is a good friend. Almost thirteen years ago, she gave birth to a little girl and named her Claressa Pearl. Claressa was born without a portion of her brain. The condition is known as anencephaly. Claressa died at birth. This, I believe, is the only photo she has of her. In memory of her, she had a tattoo of Claressa's footprint inked on her own foot. My friend now has two healthy boys, but she will always be a mother of three.
T is for Tattoo Tattoo by Steve

when can i get in a pool after a foot tattoo

Tattoo by Steve of Darkstar Tattoo and Piercing in Westport, Massachusetts
Brick by Boring Brick. I'm totally bored

white female foot photo

I'm totally bored with taking photos of myself. if your ever in the area and interested in letting me photograph you let me know. itd be awesome.
saturday walk mags in her

walk by tattoos foot

mags in her birks.
Confessions of a Crap Tattoo Artist Well, I once

awful foot tattoos

Well, I once gave tattooing a try, with a fountain pen and a willing Chilean nymphomaniac. The story would be actually quite fun to tell, but way too long for this caption here. Any professional tattoo artists and the concerned public can rest assured that this was my first and only attempt at inking skin, ever. Oh, and it washed right off the same day, too. So, no harm done, eh?
my new tattoo i hate my

dandelion foot tattoo

i hate my feet.
Mom and me feet Mine and my

tattoos on the foot pixie

Mine and my moms feet.
190140_1008473229734_1762073587_13309_7950946_n Ed Hardy tattoo

koi fish foot

Ed Hardy tattoo by "tattoos by dreadz"
if i had a heart inspired by fever

anklet to front of foot tattoo

inspired by fever ray:
spider tattoo

spider tattoos on foot
Soli Deo gloria "Glory to God

amazing foot tattoo

"Glory to God alone" Johnna got her first tattoo! I absolutely love it even if she was in a lot of pain, I think it was worth it. Ha, I am happy with this picture as well. This wasn't the finished result, just right before he started. I will get a better picture after they have healed up.

Three random tattoo ideas

Ink + Metal Cupcake 1 Inspired by Tribal

tattoo tribal flowers

Inspired by Tribal Tattoo design. This raw yet intricate style of art has its roots set firmly in many cultures and is used to express a huge variety of statements. Here, the emphasis is on feminine curves, movement and joy. All decorations are made with Satinice Gumpaste
Mike's Hard Lemonade fan poster

miami rings tattoo

fan poster
POWER esboço/skatch

naipe tattoo