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100_4677 [ February 2009

girl floral foot tattoos

[ February 2009 ] New mehndi tattoos on my feet. This was the day of.. Don't my feet look swollen and nasty? Blech. Only took about 2-3 hours and I drew part of it myself! Have to go back in 3 weeks to get him to finish the left foot and touch up the right foot.
Cesar working on the linework Cesar @ Medusa

mucha foot tattoo

Cesar @ Medusa Tattoo - Ithaca, NY
365 Self Portraits - Day 18 On Saturday I

zombie foot tattoo

On Saturday I stepped on a stick with one foot and then kicked it with the other.. while wearing flip flops. Not on purpose. ha.
DSC_2362 - Kleio Valentine The charming Kleio

hot foot tattoos on both feet

The charming Kleio Valentine posing at the Burning Angel booth.
Magenta dance camp
love Mehndi

tattoo on foot original

dance camp love Mehndi inspired
Keep Walking Put your best

blue flower foot tattoo

Put your best foot forward.... and keep walking, and most importantly, don't look back.
46/365 Just my foot OK, I took

cat tattoos for your foot

OK, I took this picture on Thursday, but was having CF card trouble and had a hell of a time getting this off the card. I'm also really pissed...because this is not at all what I had planned on for the 365...but by the time I went to take the picture I wanted my card stopped writing. FUCKING TECHNOLOGY! Damn it!
Sea Sock I started a

foot sleeve tattoo

I started a massive (to me) tattoo last night. A friend and I refer to it as a sock, and it's full of sea creatures, so I am now calling it my sea sock. The yellow and orange are the sharpie ink that the artist used to draw on my leg before starting with the actual tattoo, so that will wash away eventually. We only did a teeny tiny thin outline, a permanent stencil, with what is probably the smallest grouping of needles I've ever experienced. Ouch. Line weight variations in the outline and color will follow in a couple more sittings. Artist: Jon Bass at Cha Cha. Photo taken by my loving husband.
Cover-Up Snake Rosary Before James Danger Harvey,

foot tattoo coverup

James Danger Harvey, the skin gallery Tattoo, 5739 Auburn blvd Sacramento CA 95841, tattoo, 916-247-3538, cover up, snake, rosary, feather, color, foot, ankle, before,
:. Aurély .: Un bon w-e

foot tattoo ideas free

Un bon w-e au studio tattoo de Mikael (de Poissy). Super ambiance, super shoot photo, rien à re-dire :) __ E n j o y __ :. Aurély & Mikael .: .: FACEBOOK :.
Tattoo Prep it looks like

foot tattoo in maryland

it looks like i'm holding onto the counter for dear life but that's not the case; the chair kept rolling and i needed something to hold on to.

Three random tattoo ideas

Mi nuevo tattoo Que decías? No

i miss you tatoo

Que decías? No creo en nadie y me entregue! Esto soy en esencia. Le falta algunos detalles para que sea el tattoo perfecto para mi! Tattoo hecho por HOSHI en plaza las américas, amigas desde que eramos adolescentes!! <3 Amo a el crew FC y NOW!!!! Manos manchadas por estar con hine y crak pintando. Vandalismo del bueno, llenos de barro. <3 <3 <3
"Finger" in ancient Akkadian I keep myself

script finger tattoos

I keep myself entertained.