Foot - Tattoowise

Lizard tattoo on foot 3 My new foot

lizard tattoo top of foot

My new foot tattoo :-) A blue and green lizard with it's tail wrapped around my anckle. It lost quite a lot of colour since it unfortunately got infected while healing. In september I will go and get it coloured again!
D's Moroccan feet for Phoenix Cashing in a

moroccan foot tattoo

Cashing in a coupon for henna, D got her feet hennaed for her upcoming trip. Last time we did Indian, this time it was Moroccan slippers. I had really stringy henna paste so it was perfect timing. She's promised me after pics.
Emily on a foot path at Al Sabo My wife Emily

tattoo of my wife foot

My wife Emily walking along a foot trail in a field
DSC_0214 - Pornstar Q&A L-R: Madelyn Marie,

foot tattoo miami

L-R: Madelyn Marie, Alexis Ford, Teagan Presley, Amia Miley, Savanna Samson
Gone with the wind Costão do Santinho

beach foot tattoos

Costão do Santinho - Florianópolis
Geek foot. My new tattoo...Weezer

black ink foot tattoos

My new tattoo...Weezer symbol on my foot :)
Foot Tattoo Seattle Tattoo Convention

bme foot

Seattle Tattoo Convention October 1995
Compounder henna I hate when

bridal indian foot design tattoos

I hate when I finish a gig and have henna left over that I might have to throw out. When I got home all the neighbors were hanging out, one of whom I promised to henna. I did her feet (awesome yellow nail polish!) and then hennaed more and more neighbors. Everyone was saying that they might tattoo right over the design but the proof of that is in the ink. Afterwards we all cooked dinner, talked sex and politics as the sunset. Sigh!
be here now I think I've

cherryblossoms foot

I think I've already posted this song on one of my other pictures, but oh well. It's beautiful. Oh, and if you were wondering... yes, she does have another leg :P
Project 365 - day 44 I got my

cool foot tatoos

I got my tattoo today :D
DSC_1148 Juliana's foot "Life

cute foot tats

Juliana's foot "Life is a Cabaret"

Three random tattoo ideas

Cris Cyborg video of the

tattoo gallery fight

video of the workout: