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Right Foot Tattoo - Ten Year Anniversary By Tattoo Legend

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By Tattoo Legend Richard Stell ! He owned Pair O' Dice in Dallas, Texas. Now he works in Garland, Texas. Phone: 972-240-0680 Email:
Everything you do is super fucking cute and I can't

foot print tattoo

and I can't stand it;
8 x's 2 My octopus ring

foot tattoo octopus

My octopus ring broke a couple months ago and I finally got it fixed when I found out the gallery I got it from would fix it for free and even replace the ruby that was in it!! So it's back and I've got two octopus with me at all times.
The Red Queen, page 147 At the next

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At the next peg the Queen turned again, and this time she said "Speak in French when you can't think of the English for a thing--turn out your toes as you walk--and remember who you are!"
frog tattoo

frog tattoo foot
heart banner tradtional heart tattoo

girlie foot tattoo

tradtional heart tattoo : heart tattoo : traditional tattoo : banner tattoo : foot tattoo : girlie tattoo : the quillian : jake delbene
tat still swollen

grass foot tattoo

still swollen
rooted in hope My new foot

hope tattoo on foot

My new foot tattoo! blogged here
IMG_9670 new shoes

leaf foot tattoo

new shoes
henna1 Henna I did

mehendi foot tattoo

Henna I did at a fourth of july campout weekend last year. Summers on the way, so get ready people, go get some art! this one's my foot!
Detalle Detalle del tatuaje.


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Detalle del tatuaje. Your coments and favs are really welcome! Gracias por los favs y comentarios!
Curly Luna DUFFY
Runic Body Art

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DUFFY Runic Body Art 824 S. College Ave. Ft. Collins, CO 80524 970.449.4695
Second Color Sitting Third installment of

octopus tattoos on foot

Third installment of the sea sock, color into the octopus and the foliage of the flower. 4 hours in the chair. Artist: Jon Bass at Cha Cha, Madison, WI Photo taken by my loving husband. Explore 07.27.2009 #364
Li Village Weavers - Hainan Tattooed women weave

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Tattooed women weave traditional clothing. Remote Li Village - Hainan Island, May, 2011.
Blue bird tattoo Old skool blue

pirate foot tattoo

Old skool blue bird tattoo

Three random tattoo ideas

Dragon Sleeve Tattoo A better picture

big dragon tattoo pic

A better picture of my nearly finished left arm!
ryan's space whale 3/4 sleeve (outside) custom piece! DO

haida tattoo sleeve

custom piece! DO NOT STEAL!