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116/365: working I know flickrland

tattoo foot model

I know flickrland is tired of my red room and my feet, but I will go out and make outdoor shots today! :) Red period lasts for 3 days which is fairly good and short I believe. I can't say I am totally calm, but I'm working on it. So, it's a little odd sitting posture, but this is how I work comfortably. I love my desk and this is slightly a tidy photo of it :) It's about 3 meters long and sometimes it's such a warzone that I can not find a place to put the mouse or my feet while working. The bigger it is, the messier it gets... messy state can be viewed here!
Coming into Focus Project 365+1 343/366

tattoo healing foot

Project 365+1 343/366 08december2008 365 days 327/365 08december2008 She is going through the awkward healing stages. Hopefully in a week or so she will be flying high.
 Fotopasseio Grupo Bem

tattoos on the foot and hand

Fotopasseio Grupo Bem Belém, São Caetano de Odivelas, Pará.
day 5: falling head over heels barely four inches

vintage foot tattoo

barely four inches high but it's probably the highest pair of heels i own. fell in luv with it while shopping at vincci. the buttons give it such a quirky style. j'adore! january 16. 2011
_MG_9966-30 1/180 sec, mm

foot tattoo inside

1/180 sec, mm (), 800, Manual, no flash, on Canon EOS 5D, view large on black
GetAttachment My rainbow foot

rainbow and stars tattoo on foot

My rainbow foot stars. Which hurt A LOT! Done by the lovely James x
Cheeky Tattoo. Probably the the

foot heel tattoo

Probably the the worst tattoo ever but i like it!
My new tattoo Dance isn't just

foot dance tattoo

Dance isn't just something I do, it's a part of me that will stay forever.
Doberman tattoo Tattoo of a

foot dog

Tattoo of a doberman dog on foot.
Bianka's Mighty Inspired Tattoo!! Bianka sent this

awesome tattoo on foot

Bianka sent this to us, and we were so excited!! "Master of Puppies!" That's so awesome. And this one really looks so much like Erica's! xoxo Jen & Erica p.s. that's her foot, it took me a second too.

Three random tattoo ideas

Secret Wars One from quite

scottish ink tattoos

One from quite a bit back. Promoting Secret Wars EuroLeague with the rest of Team Glasgow (except Elph): Conzo, Vues, Estum and Rekor. Next battle is with Bristol (in Bristol... Ooooh...) on the 14th! Cheers JasonThirteen for the flick (bit blurry mister?!)
LOGO WICKED ONE Wicked One n'est

tatoo com t

Wicked One n'est pas une énième marque de fringues genre "ghetto credibility street wear", mais plutôt le sceau d'un état d'esprit, celui forgé par une équipe d'autodidactes amis depuis plus de 10 ans dont l'ambition première est de faire kiffer les gens. Wicked One mise sur la qualité, la différence et le caractère de ses produits, ici pas de bas de gammes