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Three random tattoo ideas

THE VERONICAS, PRETTY RECKLESS & THE LOVE WILLOWS (05/10/09) jessica origliasso, revenge

tattoos on twins

jessica origliasso, revenge is sweeter US tour, louisville, ky
Day33: Seahorse My calves must

calves gallery

My calves must be my favourite part(s) of my body. They are quite long and muscular from years of training flamenco and ju-jitsu. I have had issues with my self-esteem and body image and have learned to appreciate my own body, to see it as something beautiful and to feel good in my own skin. It was very, very diffult to accept that I am not thin anymore and also that I have some restrictions with sports and excercise. I gained 15kg in a couple of years due to hypothyroidism and also lack of excercise and can´t seem to get rid of that weight. I give myself a pedicure once a week, after sauna and my feet, ankles and calves feel so light and good. This time I painted my toenails with dark, glittery purple colour. The seahorse tattoo is from when my son was about 4 years old. Suddenly I felt that I must get a small seahorse tattoo :) My son was with me when it was done and got a similar, temporary one on his arm. He was so proud of it and also wanted to put moisturizer on my s