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Three random tattoo ideas

Free As the Wind Blows…  Cleo’s hair is

free glitter tattoo gallery

Cleo’s hair is drying nicely and keeping its shape. I left her bangs stiff and stuck to her forehead. I want to publicly thank Andrew_S. for his help, advice, encouragement, and “how to” on washing Cleo’s hair. Honestly, without your note, Andrew, I would not have done it. (I’m a chicken…well, I was. Now I am a Phoenix who washes dolls hair. Ha!) Today Cleo, tomorrow… Barbie Cabaret! For my Flickr groups…
snowflake My snowflake tattoo

snowflake tattoos tattoos

My snowflake tattoo right after I got it done..actually on the same day as my industrial. This tattoo is pretty much faded.
no tats at the hot spring Tattoos in Japan

onsen tattoo

Tattoos in Japan are favored by gangsters by tradition so many baths and hot springs refuse service to the illustrated to avoid upsetting the other upstanding patrons