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Three random tattoo ideas

pimp until proven guilty i've come to

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i've come to the conclusion that anyone who can pull off a shot such as this has serious skill. by "such as this" i mean the kind of picture that gives the impression of a real emotional moment... when it in fact isn't truly really there. anyone who has the ability to make the viewer feel this really is an actual tiny important slice of life. essentially the goal here is to make you as viewer feel you are getting a "sneak" peak into my life (or whoever is the subject in the photo). that said, i think this is a decent picture. but i've seen better. people who have this odd ability to shoot pictures just laying under their window and have it turn out fucking awesome every single time. i suppose being a hot chick usually helps ... but there is more to it than that. (i think?) i actually find these types of shots where I am aiming for something both tangible and "simple" to ironically be the most difficult to do. just laying on a bed and snapping a shot of me in "thought" i find more challenging than doing a 1 minute exposure night shot incorporating moving cars, moon light, and street lights while trying to sit still in the middle of a busy city street (along with my 5 hour post-edit). how does that make sense? in fact the more complex the picture, the easier for me to create. typically i go for dramatic or conceptual or even quirky. these are the elements that come naturally to me. what kind of pictures come more natural to you? and ... is it important for you to "push the envelope" to come up different types of shots that aren't typically your cup of tea? personally i find deviating from my comfort zone to eventually come up with desirable results to be of utmost importance for both my photo hobby... and with everything i am faced with in life. the shot at hand? me laying on my bed looking down at all the god damn laundry i still had to do that day (aka worst chore on earth)