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Quiero recuperar el tiempo perdido - £×Þ¶©rE Adiós melancolía, gracias

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Adiós melancolía, gracias por la compañia pero aqui ya no hay mas sitios para usted. Adiós melancolía, le agradesco la poesía pero ya no. EXPLORE #157- Junio 25, 2009
Nic... .

Kodak Trix in

free tattoo print

. Kodak Trix in Moersch EFD Print auf Adox MCP310 in Moersch SE2 Warm .
Rabiscozera rapidin... Rabiscozeira rapidinha com

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Rabiscozeira rapidinha com a tablet!
:. Mikael de Poissy .: Un bon w-e

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Un bon w-e au studio tattoo de Mikael (de Poissy). Super ambiance, super shoot photo, rien à re-dire :) __ E n j o y __ :. Mikael .: .: FACEBOOK :.
i miss my piano 236.365 day two

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236.365 day two hundred thirty-six. i miss my piano. sweet september holiday special 9/10: National Piano Month mama is holding my piano hostage. she says i need a more stable home. i'm asking for a keyboard for the holidays.
Auto-retrato Tattoo para meu

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Tattoo para meu pai. Pi. 3,14159265...
Tribal Designs © Sherrie Thai

free tribal armband tattoo

© Sherrie Thai of Shaire Productions. Created with pen/ink.
Traditional Envelope / Flowers on a foot done by Kirk

free tribal flash

done by Kirk Nilsen @ Tribal Passage 1889 Rt 88 Brick, NJ 08724 732-458-8569
Headhunter Iban Chief cropped Chief of this

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Chief of this Iban settlement, poses with his weapon. The knife has four sets of hair from beheaded trophies, passed down from his father, embedded into the sheeth.
Tribal Zebras Art by Sherrie

free tribal tattoo designs

Art by Sherrie Thai of Design for various tees.
Happy Australia Day....from downunder! My nephew loves

free underwater tattoo

My nephew loves the water...and his tattoo shows he loves his country (well at least his parents do)! Australia Day - January 26th was a scorcher (up to 40 degrees in some parts)! The pool was a GREAT place to be! Just a note...his daddy did have hold of him!
Sash Suicide To see more

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To see more of Sash, visit her at .
[catastrophe.] - The Beat Tattoo  (Two versions, His & Hers)- Free Two tattoos,

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Two tattoos, FREE Visit [catastrophe.] in world & on the Marketplace
.:. INK .:. Un bon w-e

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Un bon w-e au studio tattoo de Mikael (de Poissy). Super ambiance, super shoot photo, rien à re-dire :) __ E n j o y __ :. Gentleman ⚒ Mustache & Mikael .: .: FACEBOOK :.
Bride of Frankenstein SOLD 12x36

original tattoo flash free

SOLD 12x36
New Tattoo Peacock Pin-up Girl

peacock tattoo free

Peacock Pin-up Girl sitting on a Cupcake (Starting my 1/2 Sleve)

Three random tattoo ideas

Broken reality anagram tattoo Can be read

anogram tattoo images

Can be read as broken then flip to reality :) my bros company :)
Perseveranca Por: Burrito Tobar

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Por: Burrito Tobar Tattoo