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teamtag result Finished this off

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Finished this off together w/ Timmytatts Sellers within two hours of great fun
Look Alive ...and through the

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...and through the camera lens, we see the truth'
Digital Enhance ZOMBIE! I know its

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I know its a little different but i like the water paint and he used tattoo ink as the borders... I just made it digital... and added my effects on it using my tablet... this was fun! Story: I recently met a talented tattoo artist and he was really interested in my art and want to see more of it show i showed him my flickr. couple days passed he got bored and decided to draw me something for my new apt.... thanks Ian Mackey Jonathan ps its not a my tattoo.. lol
Love Only in a

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Only in a house where one has learnt to be lonely does one have this solicitude for things. One's relation to them, the daily seeing or touching, begins to become love, and to lay one open to pain. --Elizabeth Bowen I had the joy of working with an amazing model today. This was my first model shoot and feel we got some nice photos. I hope you all enjoy one of the pictures from the shoot I'm sharing as much as I enjoyed taking it. Lighting was 3 strobes. Strobe right through softbox. Strobe front-left through umbrella. Strobe fired against the backdrop.
Burnout Ink - Tattoo Shop equipped by Pixeleye I BURN OUT INK

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BURN OUT INK C.B. Fine Art Tattoo Calle Bisbe Perelló 3 07002 Palma de Mallorca Phone +34 971 716 209 This tattoo studio is equipped with large Pixeleye Hot Rod & Pin-Up prints!
P1340391MC - Waves (in progress) First sitting, single

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First sitting, single pass outline and dark shading only.
dunno why but... ...for some reason

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...for some reason when I posted this on flog...I think someone found it offensive... ...surely it ain't that's not that dis-pleasing to the eye I'm sure...
Skin Art #108 Tsunami Tattoo Skin

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Tsunami Tattoo Skin Art
Alessandra Scafura Produção: Ana Lídia

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Produção: Ana Lídia Borges - Marie Nepomuceno - Ensaio para o Jornal do Brasil CANON EOS 5 FILME: FUJI PRO VALUE 200 F4 - V125 Rebatedor de isopor
Paws by Fabio Moro See more of

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See more of his great work at The tattoo was done at the 2008 Manchester Tattoo Convention at Manchester Central (formerly the GMEX) on the 8th March 2008.
July Tutú Mayo 2008 -

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Mayo 2008 - Buenos Aires, Argentina Proceso de delineado del tatuaje de Julieta Malen.
Llevo en mi pecho tatuado .... cartas de un extraño Modelo : Elena

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Modelo : Elena P. Maquillaje/Peluqueria : Rocio Ciaran
Wood Grain Electric Guitar & Tribal Artwork: T-Shirt Check out this

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Check out this T-Shirt at! Tags: guitar guitars guitarist player musician electric acoustic 6 six 12 twelve string strings fret fretboard board rickenbacker fender gibson flying v strat stratocaster telecaster tele sg bc rich b c esp prs epiphone fernandes gretsch yamaha doubleneck double neck music hard rock heavy metal funk blues jazz country prog progressive band custom customize customizable it crossed tribal tribals tattoo skateboard skateboarding skateboarder

Three random tattoo ideas

new ink Just a quick

ink tree with roots

Just a quick preview: It's the trunk and roots of a tree, growing out of some microchip board design artifacts.
Get Lucky sold

lucky horseshoe tattoo