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Free hand tattoo on Codi

chest tattoo free

tattoo on Codi
Tattoo-6616.jpg Photo for Jocelyn

crow tattoo free

Photo for Jocelyn (thanks for prodding my lazy self to finally get a picture of it!). Done by Erik Mannhardt of Lucky Lotus in Rochester, NY. The traditional symbol of peace is a dove, but people aren't perfect little creatures like doves. People are flawed and selfish but I think we can still live in peace in spite of that. A crow seems like a more realistic peace symbol to me. Strobist: Vivitar 285HV to camera right, white reflector held with my right hand (which didn't seem to do very much).
"PHOENIX/XANDER" AMBIGRAM This custom "Phoenix/Xander"

custom ambigram free

This custom "Phoenix/Xander" Ambigram was created to be inked as a tattoo. Information about custom Ambigrams and much more can be found on my website.

custom ambigram tattoos free

I figured it was about time I drew an Ambigram of my own name. Informaton about custom Ambigrams and much more can be found on my website.
Josh Recently went on

daisy tatoo free

Recently went on a college trip to London for three days, we visited various gallery's and exhibitions including The National Portrait Gallery, The Barbican, The Photographers Gallery & The Wildlife Photo awards! Altogether It was a great trip :)
le petit prince. Tu deviens responsable

desenho tattoo free

Tu deviens responsable pour toujours de ce que tu as apprivoisé.
1st ambigram ever ENG: wuhuu finally

design free ambigram tattoo

ENG: wuhuu finally finish.. this is my first time creating ambigram design.. it says Lowrider both way ( upside down ).. tell me what you think. DK: wuhuu endelig færdig. Dette er mit første ambigram design nogen sinde. Der står Lowrider begge veje ( på hovedet og alm. ).. skriv hvad i syns.
Sexy tattoo set 2 No. 7 sexy tattoo from

dragon tattoo designs free

sexy tattoo from you can see more in and follow me as
mushroom prince tattoo The mushroom prince!

elf tattoos free

The mushroom prince! long story, dont ask! tattooed in south africa by dublin ireland tattoo artist 'Pluto'
Brad - Mixed Light Test 1 Brad stopped by

flash tattoo free

Brad stopped by to pick up my roommate and i cajoled him into posing for a few shots for one of my homework assignments. Yes, this is what i do for homework. Mixed lighting test including natural sunlight and electronic flash. Model: Brad Candie.
Sailor Jerry Dragon Tattoo I just got

flash tattoos free

I just got another new tattoo. It is the second tat on my back . It took about 11/2 hours. This is a Sailor Jerry Flash design of a dragon that works well with my intertwined snake and peacock. I plan to add a mirror image of the dragon to my left shoulder in a couple of weeks. Tattoo by Terri Morgan, Socal Tattoo, San Pedro, California. Tattoo was just done on 01/24/07.
GB tattoo este es favio

foto tattoo free

este es favio posando para que lo tatue... una locura los tatu de los brazos son reales el pecho ya la panza gracis a photoshop

Three random tattoo ideas

São Paulo FC - Marko e Lelo

tatuagem do spfc
Sol e Lua Sun and Moon

sol com a lua tattoo

Sun and Moon