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free ambigram tattoo

This is not an Ambigram, but was still a very fun project to work on. The client presented the idea of creating the names in the shape of a crow's wings, and I was more than happy to oblige. Information about custom Ambigrams and much more can be found on my website.
The Worldonfire The Worldonfire supporting

free arm band tatto

The Worldonfire supporting Oceansize @ Kantine, Augsburg - 12/11/2009
Wampum Belt with Feathers. Tattoo by Denise

free armband tatoo

Tattoo by Denise de la Cerda. Wearer- Lou Tesoro. Hand of Glory, Brooklyn, 2006.
 People say I

free armband tatoos

People say I don't put enough attractive people up, as if I am simply incapable of admiring anyone or thinking they look good. So I am putting her up to show you that putting photos of attractive people are boring. Did anyone laugh at this? Is anyone going to say "what a weird place you live in!" or even the stand-by "great capture!"? Probably not. But here you go anyway. Gotta please the people.
more please. next week more

free backpiece tattoo gallery

next week more ink. can use it, doing stupid stuff lately almost lost my licence doing a pull up to 240 with a cop bike behind me .. :o
|inked| An awesome girl

free bee tattoo

An awesome girl in town who's got a lot of ink. The tattoo's are awesome and they just pop on her. Strobist: ABR800 Ring Flash View On Black
Tattooed bird - ATC 2.5 x 3.5

free bird tatoo

2.5 x 3.5 Strange markings. Trade?
365.38 the year of living selfishly today, i am

free bird tattoo

today, i am 40 years old. i've managed to survive four decades on this earth, and today marks my entry into whatever's next. and here, in front of all these people, i am making a commitment to myself. i will treat myself better. i will be nicer to myself, even if it means being hard on myself. i will embrace the things and people i love, and the things and people who love me. i will eschew those things and people who don't. i will start writing a book. i will quit 365, right here, right now, because i want to. i will take pictures. i will paint. i will work. i will love. i will hurt. i will grow. i will live. ~ i got this tattoo of a kettle of turkey vultures earlier today, just like i said i would; their lopsided circling was inspired by this photo. the turkey vulture -- it is my bird. it always has been. as
all done! Annie @ Phoenix

free bird tattoo art

Annie @ Phoenix Tattoo, Raleigh NC
Racs Borealis 

The second Belly

free bridal mehndi design gallery

The second Belly dance party in Portland put on by the lovely Rosa

Three random tattoo ideas

Outline A custom ~

outline of a tattoo dragon

A custom ~ drawn dragon for Christmas. Oh, boy!