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A positive, negated. per *eyelove*'s request,

free buddhist tattoos

per *eyelove*'s request, here's the offending tattoo. Because I had this done less than 12 months ago (which is apparently how long hepatitis can lay dormant), my blood donation is assumed to be tainted and discarded. You live and learn, I guess. As for its meaning: It's Tibetan script of a Buddhist mantra, "Om Mani Padme Hum," which has several different meanings in English (follow that hyperlink), but for me it marks a decision to work toward being more compassionate, less selfish and strive for enlightenment. I just need to make more informed decisions about donating blood.
celtic armband tattoo celtic armband tattoo

free celtic armband tattoos

celtic armband tattoo by dublin ireland tattoo artist 'Pluto' while tattooing in australian museum
87:365... celtic shamrock tattoo acquired in

free celtic shamrock design

tattoo acquired in Galway, Ireland. actually done by a guy from Chile. sorry mom! haha, snuck another one in there! :) taken with the iPhone 3Gs, edited via Lomo app
After the third session Had my third

free celtic tattoos

Had my third session on March 21st, 2009. The knee was coloured in and some shading was added to the dog. The back of my leg will be done on the Needle Art Convention in Breda, the Netherlands on May 17th. The artist is Sascha Sevic from Dragon Tattoo Eindhoven, the Netherlands.
July 16 just a bit

free cherry blossom tattoo design

just a bit of color...
alone ... again ... sigh I've been wanting

free cherry blossom tattoos

I've been wanting to take a shot like this for a while, and seeing Jesse's photo today made me do it! Best viewed large !
Danielle - Fridge If you ain't

free cherry tattoo

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Greg Model: Greg T

free chest and shoulder tattoo

Model: Greg T Brown ( - #786556)
Tattoo Pioeuvre commissioned work Tattoo

free couple tattoos

commissioned work Tattoo Pioeuvre 1357 Hart, Trois-Rivières Tel: 819.701.1021
The Rasvala Brothers 6 6th of a

free cross tattoo flash

6th of a larger set. The notorious Rasvala Brothers hijacked me to do this photoshoot in honor of the release of their father Jarmo Rasvala who got out of prison. strobist: sb26 cam right through umbrella @ 1/4 for a little fill. sb26 cam left reflected via silver umbrella @ 1/2 for a key light.
MissK model : MissK

free crucifix tattoo

model : MissK / Hairdressing : LindaCreat'
020/365 - Tramp Stamp I kinda fell

free daisy tattoo design

I kinda fell off the 365 bandwagon for a few days. I needed a break from pointing the camera at myself. It was a fluke and will NEVER EVER happen again, I swear. Afterall, I have have the "vain" image to uphold! People have asked me why I only have flower tattoo's and believe me, when people know me see them all, they think it's odd because I'm more a skull and cross bones kinda girl. But they are all very meaningful to me. The tramp stamp is the most meaningful by far. And since it's hardly EVER seen by anybody but Ben and people have asked, there ya go!
Tattoo Tattoo by Milo

free daisy tattoo designs

Tattoo by Milo Irish from Pair-A-Dice Tattoo in Juneau Alaska.

Three random tattoo ideas