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:. Aurély .: Un bon w-e

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Un bon w-e au studio tattoo de Mikael (de Poissy). Super ambiance, super shoot photo, rien à re-dire :) __ E n j o y __ :. Aurély & Mikael .: .: FACEBOOK :.
dirty mirror - this shirt does look good on me. was going to

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was going to use for car rag, but im keeping it.
Free Bird (New Noah) 5 Noahs New look!

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Noahs New look! YAY! 3 piercings and 5 tattoos along with some body blushing and he is done, took me a few hours but I am so bloomin' happy with how it turned out Noah is a Luts Delf Shine and belongs to me!
HANNYA em progresso
tattoos by:TOTÓ

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em progresso SEVEROCLÃTATTOO tattoos by:TOTÓ SEVERO São MIguel Pta- SP-Brasil av:oliveira freire 403 sala 6 (11) 9912 5455
Not all treasure is silver and gold, mate. Lívia Fernandes ©

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Lívia Fernandes © 2009

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Nearly nekkid man Good tattoos, alarming

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Good tattoos, alarming thong.
Prints: Tribal Turtle Art by Sherrie

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Art by Sherrie Thai of
raven 9x12 commission for altermyworld2

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commission for altermyworld2 (1st choice) *the colors are more muted hun, they just are showing up brighter than they really are) 9x12 mixed media on canvas... acrylic paint, scrapbook paper, oil pastels
henna baby belly my first pregnant

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my first pregnant belly
tattoo brush I downloaded some

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I downloaded some new brushes today and had to play.
Butterfly Soul My 3rd tattoo...

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My 3rd tattoo... My Design.
arm 1 found these online

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found these online

Three random tattoo ideas

mt3 Tattoo by Martin

geisha warrior tattoos

Tattoo by Martin