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Tattooing yourself sucks especially when Fudgie

free wolf tattoo

especially when Fudgie is sneaking up on you periodically to scare the shit out of you.
Projecte Paisatge Urbà: Japonesa_00 Projecte ImaginART (espai

japan draw dragon tattoo free

Projecte ImaginART (espai creatiu de dibuix i pintura) Tema: Paisatge urbà En procés
 From my archives,

suicidegirls com free gallery

From my archives, April 2008.
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tattoo australia free gallery

© All rights reserved
To The Pain Not so much

tattoo free gallery life road

Not so much the actual pain, but it was painful sitting in one spot for so long. Jeff's a pro but I was ready for a nap. I would have killed for a beer.
Helveticaftw A new tattoo

tattoo letterings free

A new tattoo on my dear Lussie !
Deanna Deadly Mosquito Haven Model/MUA: Me Photographer:

tattoo of free fall

Model/MUA: Me Photographer: Jessi Tetzloff Taken September 2008 You can see more of my work on my deviantart:
looking down attempted to customize

tattoo posters free

attempted to customize a top and ended up looking like a Hello Kitty skull...meaning all too cute...meaning it doesnt suit me as some ppl think im EVIL!!! photo by Nylon
Pin up Miki Dibujo para la

tattoo sue free

Dibujo para la libreta de Morphine! Espero que os guste ^^!
3er session Mi Locura en

tribals free gallery

Mi Locura en mi espalda ... si dolio.
Xampany, vodka, tacons En la fotografia:

sa tattoo free

En la fotografia: Anna, les seues cames, la llibertat i els seus tacons de color roig.

Three random tattoo ideas

high voltage. woo! best part

la ink tattoo image gallery

woo! best part about my trip. this is high voltage, the shop on LA ink. (: eeeee! i don't know if under 18 is allowed, but i went in..shhh. no, kat wasn't one from the show was. but i think she /was/ there but then left. cause there was a car in her parking spot. oooOOoooh. (:
Koi Tattoo, almost.

cascading tattoo

Tattoo, almost.