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My Guys :)
Elizabeth 061706 (17) ...and she tells

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...and she tells me "I am a bit of an Exhibitionist". Really? I couldn't tell.
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Justin at Kats Like Us Tattoos
Shadow Alchemy: 2 of 5 A side benefit

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A side benefit of having lots of model friends is that when I get restless and I need to shoot it's easy to get one, (or more), of these willing victims to my studio. The amount of creative abuse they go through!!! Sheryl Eldring - A Portrait Photo by Jef Harris .

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Barthel / Family Ambigram designed to be inked as a tattoo. Informaton about custom Ambigrams in many more styles and much more can be found on my website.
23.3.2011 Stain 12h Stain after about

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Stain after about 12h
Foldy Head Tattoos , beard

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Tattoos , beard , foldy head and thinking of joining the Roman Legion

Three random tattoo ideas

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justin at Metrocity Ink Tattoo
day 35~birthday suit Happy B-day to

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Happy B-day to me. This is, of course, my birthday suit with my one embellishment. I got the mustang horse tattooed on my shoulder the spring break after my dad died. He loved his '67 mustang fastback, so I decided that the mustang logo with blue flames was the perfect way of remembering him. My brother got my dad's car tattooed on his arm, but I wasn't willing to have a car on my body, and the horse is my way of preserving his memory, my dad's that is. Although, I often forget I've got the tattoo on my shoulder, and really all I can see is the tail, every day that goes by is a reminder that I've lost my father. Anyways, that's the story of my art, a start of a sad birthday story it seems.