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cupcake tattoo!! there is nothing

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there is nothing that signifies its vegan, but she was very aware when she was doing it it was going to be vegan.
expression Haka (singular is

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Haka (singular is the same as plural: haka) is a traditional ancestral war cry, dance or challenge from the Māori people of New Zealand. It is a posture dance performed by a group, with vigorous movements and stamping of the feet with rhythmically shouted accompaniment. taken during my last visit to New Zealand post-processing : un-edited resize watermark
White Wave Paparazzi pic :)

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Paparazzi pic :)
Ginny's Octopus Yesterday was our

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Yesterday was our monthly book club. What's that, you say. Book club? Nerds! Yes. But not just any nerds. Because 1: we had a bbq for our book club. And 2: the name of our book club is Fuck City. That's right. "Sorry, can't do that photo shoot today, I gotta go to Fuck City." See? See the implications of unbelievable awesomeness? And so, this month Fuck City was held at Andy's pool, where the girls played in the pool, sunbathed, chilled in the jacuzzi, and we all chowed down on burgers chips and cookies. I mainly just took pictures of girls in their bikinis. I know, I know, hard job, BUT SOMEONE HAD TO DO IT. This here is Ginny's back, and the utterly fantastic thing that appears to live on her back. Know that this particular tattoo goes all the way down to where her ass meets her leg. Yep, that was me, taking pictures of tattoos and sun-warmed faces. Oh, and we also had a livel
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© Fanny BETEMPS - 2010 Le MySpace d'Olive:
Free Hotter Nights Panties - Blacklace Lingerie - Second Life  Styling Notes:
Panties: Blacklace,

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Styling Notes: Panties: Blacklace, Hotter Nights, TOSL Featured Designer Special (Free, TOSL Shopping Group) Hair: Truth, Becky Streaked, Fire (former Truth District Group Gift) Lashes: Sn@tch, Lush Glam, Black Tattoo: Wicked Tattoos, Devotion, Medium Skin: Mynerva, Bianca Bisque Poses: TeaSoup (closed)
growing wings so... that is

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so... that is kinda me
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Tattoo Rip Yourself Open,

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Rip Yourself Open, Sew Yourself Shut tattoo before it started peeling
50024451 Western samoa, upolu

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Western samoa, upolu island, samoan house, man with tattoo
Home Sony A100 +

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Sony A100 + Tamron 28-75 D f2.8 Primera foto con el cacharrito ^^
SLSC-TankGirl-ElmoZeplin01 Suicide Centerfolds Model:

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Suicide Centerfolds Model: Elmo Zeplin Set: Tank Girl Photography By: Voltaire Serpente Location: Build Set By: Voltaire Serpente
SLSC-TankGirl-ElmoZeplin02 Suicide Centerfolds Model:

free set suicide girls

Suicide Centerfolds Model: Elmo Zeplin Set: Tank Girl Photography By: Voltaire Serpente Location: Build Set By: Voltaire Serpente

Three random tattoo ideas

Moose Tattoo school assignment #3


school assignment #3
new school side panel tattoo Tattooed by Johnny

roses and cross tattoos

Tattooed by Johnny at; The Tattoo Studio 5 The high street Crayford Kent DA1 4HH and