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Rev-Alt Promo Shoot edwardrobert Please take

free suicide girl model pic

edwardrobert Please take the time to check out the Rev-Alt page
liz cents another for 09...

free suicidegirls

another for 09...
Free Bird (New Noah) 6 Noahs New look!

free swallow bird tattoos

Noahs New look! YAY! 3 piercings and 5 tattoos along with some body blushing and he is done, took me a few hours but I am so bloomin' happy with how it turned out Noah is a Luts Delf Shine and belongs to me!
fading away It's been so

free tatoo photoshop

It's been so long since I've done a photo manipulation. Finally thought it was time for one. This was pretty basic as manipulations go. Inspired by the great Brooke Shaden and Lissy Elle . View On White | How this was done
DSC01307 Tinay and her

free tatoo sketches

Tinay and her "temporary" shoulder tattoo.
Day 199 | Wanderlust Shot the GF's

free tatoos gallery

Shot the GF's tattoo today! Wanderlust: "A strong desire to travel" Strobist info: Sb-600 thru softbox camera right @ 1/4
Swallows & Daggers - Marcin More on the

free tattoes gallery

More on the blog: with small interview with the dude himself! View On Black
Roundup I had to

free tattoo flash gangster

I had to get into one of these shots.
Star Wars Flash Sheet 2 Watercolours in a

free tattoo flash sheet

Watercolours in a Trad stylee, pretty darned happy with this 'un.
Baltimore Ink: Patterns on Bodies The Baltimore Museum

free tattoo patterns

The Baltimore Museum of Art hosted an event celebrating the art of tattooing. This event freatured a runway show of work done by local tattoo artist in the Baltimore area.

Three random tattoo ideas