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Rev-Alt Promo Shoot edwardrobert Please take

free suicide girl model pic

edwardrobert Please take the time to check out the Rev-Alt page
liz cents another for 09...

free suicidegirls

another for 09...
Free Bird (New Noah) 6 Noahs New look!

free swallow bird tattoos

Noahs New look! YAY! 3 piercings and 5 tattoos along with some body blushing and he is done, took me a few hours but I am so bloomin' happy with how it turned out Noah is a Luts Delf Shine and belongs to me!
fading away It's been so

free tatoo photoshop

It's been so long since I've done a photo manipulation. Finally thought it was time for one. This was pretty basic as manipulations go. Inspired by the great Brooke Shaden and Lissy Elle . View On White | How this was done
DSC01307 Tinay and her

free tatoo sketches

Tinay and her "temporary" shoulder tattoo.
Day 199 | Wanderlust Shot the GF's

free tatoos gallery

Shot the GF's tattoo today! Wanderlust: "A strong desire to travel" Strobist info: Sb-600 thru softbox camera right @ 1/4
Swallows & Daggers - Marcin More on the

free tattoes gallery

More on the blog: with small interview with the dude himself! View On Black
Roundup I had to

free tattoo flash gangster

I had to get into one of these shots.
Star Wars Flash Sheet 2 Watercolours in a

free tattoo flash sheet

Watercolours in a Trad stylee, pretty darned happy with this 'un.
Baltimore Ink: Patterns on Bodies The Baltimore Museum

free tattoo patterns

The Baltimore Museum of Art hosted an event celebrating the art of tattooing. This event freatured a runway show of work done by local tattoo artist in the Baltimore area.

Three random tattoo ideas

Shading and Coloring - Neil Powers - Mom's Tattoos Dunedin Session 4, color

skulls tattoo arm sleeve

Session 4, color and shading of the tree.
art 001 Willing to sell

eagle wings tatoo

Willing to sell or trade. Original design done by me. 9'' x 12'' water color with speedball fb5 pen. Not sure how I feel about this one so let me know what you think .