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Raychel3 Model: Raychel Revolver

funky side tattoos

Model: Raychel Revolver MUA/Stylist: Model's own Location: Atlanta, GA

Three random tattoo ideas

Day 183/365: shower angel II White angel :)

angel tattoos on your back

White angel :) a foil to naughty angel from Monday. FGR: quotes and frames (I hope it's okay that my tattoo is counting as the quote) "I'm fettered and chained up in clay / I struggle and pant to be free" from 384 in the Sacred Harp. TOTW: accessorize -- angel wings!
Fairies Fairy tattoos on

fairy butterflies

Fairy tattoos on shoulders. Both with butterfly twists.
746(65)  Corris duo SIR HAYDN, with

the 23 tatoo

SIR HAYDN, with freight, and 7, with passenger in Maespoeth yard.