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Raychel3 Model: Raychel Revolver

funky side tattoos

Model: Raychel Revolver MUA/Stylist: Model's own Location: Atlanta, GA
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Three random tattoo ideas

Sarah Work by Gwendolyn

tattoo bird blossom

Work by Gwendolyn at Painted Lotus Studios
my inked leg My new &

tattoo female script

My new & first tattoo! On the back of my calf just under my knee bend. Two weeks old so not 100% healed but it's going well, proper picture to follow in a couple of weeks when it's perfect. Reads: You have not lived until something you love has died. Lyrics to 'oh night' by Christian Kjellvander.
skull and roses / neotraditional tattoo 2 sessions, 5

skull and roses tattoo design

2 sessions, 5 hours