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Tattoo "Berlin lacht!" -

tattoo gallery deu

"Berlin lacht!" - 2008 September 2008, Mauerpark
Shower My favorite place

shower photo gallery

My favorite place to be when it's cold in my house. I cropped my butt out cause I have a scar I don't want you guys to see. *nods*
josh carter/fritzandrews2 josh carter fritz

fritz tattoo gallery

josh carter fritz andrews split tattoo flash
Milano Tattoo Convention 2011 - "Fast" Milano Tattoo Convention

milano tattoo convention 2011 gallery

Milano Tattoo Convention 2011 "Fast"
cairn stones New year, second

icelandic tattoo gallery

New year, second session. Concept by me, drawing/tattoo art by Memo
Backpiece Unleashing the backpiece,

100 free tattoo gallery

Unleashing the backpiece, Brighton evening with my man Adrian Willard, taken on my Bronica with a bit of the ol'Delta 100
banksy bomb. she claimed i

banksy tattoo gallery

she claimed i was the only one who knew it was a banksy. i was surprised.
updated newest picture of

biomech tattoo gallery

newest picture of me with the work i have been....working on.
Wink Lady Merilee Effingham,

english girl gallery

Lady Merilee Effingham, 2010 Texas Renaissance Festival, Todd Mission, Texas
japanese back tattoo( session 6) Japanese back tattoo

gallery fullback tattoo

Japanese back tattoo ( after session 6)

Three random tattoo ideas

Milano Tattoo convention 2008 SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA

tatuaggi tattoos

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA Milano Tattoo convention 2008 Milano Tattoo convention 2008
Day 165: My Tattoo This is my

black cat tattoo designs

This is my only tattoo. I got it in 1995 or 1996, I can't remember which. It hurt like hell! I haven't been brave enough yet to get another. Maybe some day.