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...le calmant... un jour

free fd tattoo gallery un jour for the Winter Seasons Hunt...
Santa Yupi ** Hollow XMAS Mi colaboración para

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Mi colaboración para la expo Hollow XMAS en Palma de Mallorca. Mi propuesta va en pensar, como seria Santa Claus si perteneciese a un estilo muy concreto o tribu urbana alternatica.
Ricky Watts Work in Progress.

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Work in Progress. For more information, please visit
Working The Tats Model Shoot @

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Model Shoot @ Studio 42 Model: Laura Harrell Nikon D50 - Aperture priority 18-200VR Model Mayhem: Strobist: Bare bulb nikon sb-600 ttl corded SC-17 on stroboframe flash bracket for fill only... direct sunlight
Erik Russell; Gypsy Artist: Erik Russell

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Artist: Erik Russell Title: Gypsy Medium: Watercolor, Marker, Wood, Brass Nails and Resin Size: 11.5”x14.5” Rock-a-billy Tattoo, Lauderhill This artwork is part of Bear and Bird Gallery's "Off the Needle" exhibition in Lauderhill, Florida. Exhibition runs September 5 - October 10, 2009, for more information visit our website
Bekerfinale 2004: FC Utrecht - FC Twente 3MegaCam De bekerfinale

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3MegaCam De bekerfinale van 2004 in de Rotterdamse Kuip. Vooraf indrinken bij V.V. Vianen en daarna met een eigen bus naar de wedstrijd FC Utrecht - FC Twente. FC Utrecht won met 1-0 door een doelpunt van Dave van den Bergh.
The Vader Project Pop surrealist, graffiti,

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Pop surrealist, graffiti, tattoo, lowbrow, comic and underground artists show their allegiance to the dark side by customizing Darth Vader helmets in landmark gallery exhibition called The Vader Project, of which debuted at Star Wars Celebration IV on May 24 to 28 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. And, of course, there were 66 of them. Click here for more CIV photos.
Ren::Sword Ren is my

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Ren is my latest addition to my family.. <3
101 With a very

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With a very big trailer
0188 ,

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Amphi portraits Katrin DSC_7837

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Katrin DSC_7837
maximum protection from 'sak yant' - sacred tattooing

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- sacred tattooing practiced by buddhist monks at Wat Phra Bang, Nakorn Chaisri, Thailand click here to see a slideshow of the tattoo festival!
"Kill Pussycat" by Amber Carr For information on

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For information on how to purchase this or any artwork seen here please email
Pedro Calceiro - Costureiro e Tatuado Costureiro famoso na

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Costureiro famoso na Copacabana de décadas anteriores hoje reside na Bahia e se mostra essa personagem impar, com as históricas tatuagens e um espírito iluminado. Adimirador de Cobras e de criaturas exóticas, Pedro Calceiro ou Pedrinho das Calças tem muito para contar da sua rica e fantástica tragetória de vida.

Three random tattoo ideas

BCC - Calu - Inside the Box Burlesque Camera Club

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Burlesque Camera Club -Location: Studio 1 Five 0 -Model: Calu
gulf style mehndi WOW! i grabbed

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WOW! i grabbed a cone out of the fridge, and didn't realize until after that i grabbed the wrong cone. the one i grabbed was in there, defrosted over 2 weeks before. ---- yet it still stains like a dream!! i used my usual jamila 2008/ rajasthani/ lemon/ lavander mix... this one just happened to be old!
Cover Up - Mandala Valeu a pena

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Valeu a pena as quase 2 hrs de sofrimento em prol de fazer desaparecer aquela índia horrorosa.