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Feel your mind and body. März 2009. Mary

tattoo fetisch gallery

März 2009. Mary Lyan.
Sylvia Go-Go (by Ken Barton

corset model gallery

(by Ken Barton November 2009)
Ann Pin up on

ink gallery in la

Pin up on the roof Make up : Lucy Headstone
Montréal en moped Catherine m’a fait

tattoo gallery blog

Catherine m’a fait visiter le centre-ville en « moped ». Blogue :
CBT_CoverJasonLevesque Cover art for

tattoo gallery comic

Cover art for the upcoming "Comic Book Tattoo" book, out this summer :)
grizzlybear original (Vorlage)

tattoo gallery grizzly

original (Vorlage)
Tattoo Pattern vol.1 Visit my online

tattoo gallery marmaid

Visit my online portfolio
Capital Inicial - Rio de Janeiro - 03/10/09 Foto por: Mauricio

tattoo gallery mim

Foto por: Mauricio Santana (GrudaemMim)
Ryans 3rd session. this is ryan..

tattoo gallery roses wings

this is ryan.. "HI RYAN!!" he thinks hes so hardcore, but he cried like a lil baby, i promise, im not lieing, i had to hold his hand.. muahahahahahaha.... ;] i keeed i keeeed! its coming along nicely, im thinking 3 more sessions to go! artist: johnny of inkfiend tattoo in alhambra, CA. TELL YOUR FRIENDS!

Three random tattoo ideas

Darjeeling Henné tattoo IP fingerpainted ,br,mgbr

urban tattoo japan

IP fingerpainted ,br,mgbr retouched on lo-mob. From a Flick Chick oriental influence.....
14 - The Rain Cometh! Fortunately, I have

rain tattoos

Fortunately, I have devised a handy rain barrel to harness this natural resourcel. I wanted to do WAY more vegetable gardening this year (the only thing I grew were some scallions I threw out into the yard and they grew by accident). But next year... I want to be able to grow a lot of food. I've got a lot of work & research to do before the next growing season. Here are some interesting videos on the subject: subsistence farming on 1/5th of an acre rain barrels