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Feel your mind and body. März 2009. Mary

tattoo fetisch gallery

März 2009. Mary Lyan.
Sylvia Go-Go (by Ken Barton

corset model gallery

(by Ken Barton November 2009)
Ann Pin up on

ink gallery in la

Pin up on the roof Make up : Lucy Headstone
Montréal en moped Catherine m’a fait

tattoo gallery blog

Catherine m’a fait visiter le centre-ville en « moped ». Blogue :
CBT_CoverJasonLevesque Cover art for

tattoo gallery comic

Cover art for the upcoming "Comic Book Tattoo" book, out this summer :)
grizzlybear original (Vorlage)

tattoo gallery grizzly

original (Vorlage)
Tattoo Pattern vol.1 Visit my online

tattoo gallery marmaid

Visit my online portfolio
Capital Inicial - Rio de Janeiro - 03/10/09 Foto por: Mauricio

tattoo gallery mim

Foto por: Mauricio Santana (GrudaemMim)
Ryans 3rd session. this is ryan..

tattoo gallery roses wings

this is ryan.. "HI RYAN!!" he thinks hes so hardcore, but he cried like a lil baby, i promise, im not lieing, i had to hold his hand.. muahahahahahaha.... ;] i keeed i keeeed! its coming along nicely, im thinking 3 more sessions to go! artist: johnny of inkfiend tattoo in alhambra, CA. TELL YOUR FRIENDS!

Three random tattoo ideas

alnilam Claudia, with her

tattoo three stars back neck

Claudia, with her new wonderful tattoo. Meeting Romano, 3 November 2012