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View On Black (Recomendado) Por favor, no pongáis invitaciones a grupos ni imágenes... Gracias No group invites or pictures please... Thanks
"Holiday Hangings" Opening Hope Gallery Tattoo

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Hope Gallery Tattoo in New Haven, CT
Shakib Model (Disco Forever) Camera : Shakib

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Camera : Shakib Valeska Imagen Edition : Shakib Valeska Montaje : Shakib Valeska Model : Shakib Valeska Location : Disco Pose : LP Costume : Shape : Maverick Designs Jeans: Pantalon Escoses(Mae Grup) Tattoo : Wicked Tattoo Hair : Usw Ipod : Xtb Boutique Glases : Redgrave Necklace : Opium Piecings ears : Dionysia Designs Bracelets:Ispachi / Neko Urban

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a-Leopard-Ceris_-by-Olive-B Cherry leppard tattoo

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Cherry leppard tattoo
Anna and Angela Man, how many

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Man, how many shots of those two do I have? at the time, I would have never imagined I would marry the redhead...

Three random tattoo ideas

Waiting... Waiting for my

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Waiting for my friend to get his tatt so im watching some Star Wars =P September 2009
Erin - 60 of 100 Erin was with

tatoo of pretty eyes

Erin was with David (stranger 59) when I asked to take her photo. I had gone outside to ask David and was pleasantly surprised to see he was not alone. Erin was a natural in front of the camera. I took three shots of her and liked every one ( so be sure to check the other two out in the comments). Erin works at Vans at the mall and was cool and easy to talk to. Erin has some killer tattoos (that you can see below) which she got at the tattoo shop David manages. I had a hard time deciding what picture to use as the main shot. The other two shots really show off her fantastic ink, but this shot really captured her penetrating eyes. Thanks Erin, I hope you like the photos and if you want a copy of any send me an email. You can find the rest of my project in my 100 Strangers set. Find out more about the project and see pictures taken by other photographers at