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Oliviersan @ Tribal Act Tattoo by Gotch

tattoo gallery japon

Tattoo by Gotch
Thumb Skull and Star tattoo by Jon Poulson Thumb print tattoos

tattoo gallery las vegas

Thumb print tattoos by Jon Poulson
Day 4: The Writing on the Wall. View On Black

tattoo gallery movie

View On Black . My shot today is inspired by the film 12 Monkeys. This film has everything I could ever want in a film - an insane asylum, a fucked up romance, brad pitt chewing, time travel, a coked up whore and a fucking crazy dentist, steampunk aesthetics, sociopolitical commentary, middle fingers flying, urban decay, a beautiful woman, the apocalypse, and wild animals stampeding in new york city. It is honestly one of the most finely crafted films I have ever seen. Every little detail is perfect, down to images in the background. The script is brilliantly written, Brad Pitt and Bruce Willis are surprisingly cast, and their performances are both brilliant. I have literally watched this film twice in a row without a pause, and because it's a circular story, it works brilliantly. It was nearly impossible to choose one moment from the film to recreate. I finally chose to depict a scene

tattoo gallery tribal hands
18. take it like a man Siem Reap, Cambodia

tattoo khmer gallery

Siem Reap, Cambodia In June 2005, a family of Cambodians in rural Siem Reap painfully tattoed mystical symbols and signs all over my back using a bamboo and a needle. Click here for the story. )
Kiss me Seikyo Pose by Lost

tattoo percing gallery

Pose by Lost Angel Merci pour tout mon poussinet <3
alyssa marie this is just

tattoo marie gallery

this is just another version that i didnt know if this one or the other one worked better
BMX Masters 2008 Dominik Nekolny awesome flatlanders, awesome

tattoo gallery bmx

awesome flatlanders, awesome bmx action in cologne. first pic, might just end up as placeholder until I get back home

Three random tattoo ideas

Praise the Yakuza One of the

sanja festival tattoo

One of the underappreciated aspects of Japan - the festivals or matsuri (祭り) all over the country. There are thousands of types of festivals across the calendar & country, from the exciting to the serious, the spectacular to the unbelievable to the just straight up weird. This one is the Sanja Matsuri (三社祭) in Asukusa Tokyo. People carry around this portable shrine called Mikoshi (神輿) from one shrine to another. They are extremely heavy and people get injured and huge bruises on their shoulders. This scene is when the Yakuza group were carrying the Mikoshi and the leaders of this Yakuza group got on top of it, took off their clothes to expose their tattoos, and then revved up the crowd. What isn't in this picture is the 200 police behind me waiting (praying that nothing happens here...)