Geisha - Tattoowise

Jhonny B Goode. Model: Sarah Taken

tatuaggio geisha

Model: Sarah Taken with: 35mm f 1.8 (Spikeale)
Session 1 - Dragon Tattoo Photo by Tyson

pictures of geisha with umbrella

Photo by Tyson Hofsommer. Mark Galloway from The Mercy Seat in Kansas City applying away the transfer. Mercy Seat Tattoo -
©OPY®IGHT Equal Opposites

suicide geisha tattoo

Equal Opposites
Session 7 More on the

japanese dragon geisha tattoo

More on the chest. The clouds are going in nicely.
Swallow Tattoo Il trucco è

geisha mask

Il trucco è stato realizzato da Florentina Gloria. Modella della foto è Elena Fortuna. (Find me on Facebook)!/FloGloria
Tattoo Session 4 More color on

geisha tatoos

More color on this session. Red/Maroon/Orange on the bridge. Pink/Purple on the butterflies. Green/Yellow on the flowers at the bottom on her komono.
Geisha e sakura Tattoo Classic Oriental

geisha tatuagem

Tattoo Classic Oriental and Old school tattoos Tatuadores Cacau e Lucas R. Benjamin Lins 766 lj. 07 Batel Curitiba Brasil F. (41)3044.3430
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Three random tattoo ideas


la inc tattoo shows

COLOURS of SOUND, 3rd Anniversary of LIQUID. MONJALI, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. (03/02/2009).
Yummy mi primer tatuaje,

brazo tatuaje

mi primer tatuaje, mi brazo derecho recien tatuado, algo reseco
335 LAME! i was

sparrow on wrist tattoo

LAME! i was at work tonight until 21:30 (FYI i start work at 07:30). this is my bff, the monster copier/printer/faxer/hole puncher/stapler/folder/[insert funny occupation a printer obviously wouldn't have but that i'm too tired to think of]. we spend lots of time killing trees together. and there's my signature if you need it for my identity. i guess it's my own fault for not being able to keep up with all my shit, but doing my work and jamie's work was hard. whine whine whine. i'm ashamed to say that several of my invoices are late. oh god, it pains me to even type it. i owed at&t $3112. [collapses] ahem . okay, i think i'm better now. by the way, that was only for three invoices, one of which wasn't even overdue, and one of which was overdue by one day. you know how when you get behind on things, it all tends to snowball? while i'm at work so many random people ask me questions, or