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Site za legendarni i kultni "Zagreb - tattoo & piercing studio" by Zele and crew. Dotični su i generalni zastupnici za regiju svjetski poznatog branda za body piercing nakit "Wildcat". Vrhunske tattoo and piercing galerije po stilovima, majstorima. Također galerije konvencija i upute i savjeti za tattoo i piercing fanove...

Three random tattoo ideas

neighborhood bicycle shes like the

oldschool tattoo letters

shes like the neighborhood whore, everybody fucked her
been lying in wait. hi. i've been

face chest tattoos

hi. i've been gone for a bit. i've missed you guys so! M and i got really bad head/chest colds after getting back from ohio, so we're only now, finally getting over it. blowing my nose all day and hacking coughs didn't motivate me so much to take photos, yuhknowuteyemeeeen? so, really good news that happened last week: i bought a townhouse!! bad news about it: it's a short sale, which means i'm in limbo, waiting for their bank to accept my offer. i'm so super excited about this, and even more super excited to decorate and fix up stuff, but...waiting...SUCKS BALLS. i hope i don't have to wait a couple months like some people have...cross your fingers for me! totally random fact: i was at target today, and there was a couple in front of me, maybe in their 40s, and all they were buying, was a pack of a dozen blank VHS TAPES. wtf??? people still buy those??
bon jovi heart, sword wings and scroll tattoo tattooed by johnny

tattoos of heart with sword through

tattooed by johnny at 'the tattoo studio, crayford'