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Three random tattoo ideas

52/365 08.01.09 The Tattoo I've

crazy neck tattoo

The Tattoo I've longed for. David Portelles stayed over at my house. and right after the previous picture it hit midnight so i took my one for today ahead of time! this tattoo that i hope to get (this one is a drawing) says "Vivo est Sarcalogos , morior est lucrum." Which is Latin for "To live is Christ, To Die is gain." These words are written on my Father's gravestone and i plan to carry them with me forever. The reason i long to get it written in cursive latin is so people have to ask questions and then i can tell them the story. Or they'll just read it and move on
skalaverita 03 remera pintada a

how draw tattoo

remera pintada a mano,
Fight .. a friend

chest and shoulder tattoo flash

.. a friend of mine's tattoos! Grazie nano!!