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day 140 ~ 365 “Bun in the

tattoo about children

“Bun in the oven....” Not now... lol... but someday, maybe, sorta, hmmm... we’ll see. :-) *BREATHE MOM!!! and sorry if that was a tease to some of you who actually would be excited if I was pregnant since you are the ones who’ve known for years that I always said I’d never get pregnant but you thought I should/hoped I would. Lol... Guess what though? My mind’s been having a think about it and you might be surprised at the outcome. I’m actively considering it now. :-) For all of my life, I’ve never felt the urge, need, desire, pull, etc.... to give birth. Now, I’ve aaaaaalways wanted a family, children, the whole shebang. I have been scared of labour, the pain, the ‘oh my god something just moved inside of me!’ feeling... until recently. *and by recently I mean w/in the last year, not like yesterday or a week ago. Haha. Maggie is full-on going to have a baby. No doubts. No hesitation. Gonna birth us a lil’ man or baby girl! :-) She has her conce
Awesome Cobra Dagger Tattoo At the 13th

tatoo tribal cobra

At the 13th Annual South Florida Tattoo Convention and registering people to vote.
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geisha irezumi

My tattoo work