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Keith Haring heart tattoo My Keith Haring

keith haring tattoo

My Keith Haring heart tattoo on my left chest. Done by Matt Porter in 2010.
They shoot horses, don't they? [Caroline Paul, Steve

tatuagem 2008

[Caroline Paul, Steve Muller] About the tattoo (from the owner/wearer herself); I asked her to repeat what she told me the other night because I wasn't sure I would get the story straight. So here's the straight story: "It says 'My Heroes Rescue Animals,' in Arabic. It's for my brother, who is an animal rights activist, member of the underground Animal Liberation Front, and now in prison for burning (yes) a horse slaughterhouse. The Arabic is because the US government tried (but failed) to call him a terrorist and sentence him under the new terrorist laws." --Caroline Paul (writer, former firefighter for the SFFD)