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Three random tattoo ideas

Beauty is Within i think thats

love peace music tattoos

i think thats what that says. I'm not to sure, it's latin. it drawing was so oddly place to take a pick it was tough, please tell me yo thoughts. well i've been tagged again, so i'll have another go at it. 1. i love when people write/draw beautiful things on me. 2. i love to make people laugh. 3. i'm very hard on myself 4. I'm not being over dramatic when i say i have a ridiculous amout of bad luck. 5. i love doing choreography for dance, and i think i'm pretty darn good at it too. 6. you respect me, i respect you. 7. i'm quite cheap/thrifty, whatever you wanna call it. 8. i could write a series of books related to my embarrassing experiences with boys. 9. i cry at old peoples birthday party's, because it reminds me of death. 10. yep. ima weird one
168/365 Just the Two of us Chris is officially


Chris is officially with out scooter. The insurance totaled it and he's using the money to pay off his so that we only have one scooter payment. He said that it's his sacrifice to the Moving Gods.