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Day 258: 10 Days of <3 #6 258/365 February 9,

heart with a keyhole tattoo

258/365 February 9, 2010 I'm really not liking this whole challenge of Valentines I decided to take on. There's only so much a person can do without a male there to help. Seriously, if I had Garry with me this wouldn't be such a problem. Gah *sigh* But this is my picture today. No, my face isn't the most welcoming but perhaps one can take it as a challenge? A challenge to obtain the key to my heart. That's romantic, right? :-P Not too happy with it but it will do. EDIT: revelation time! So I think I look so POed (and I'm totally pulling this out of nowhere lol) is because I am happily taken (hence the ring) and I refuse to let anyone have the key to my heart now. I's up for your own interpretation ;) Texture: "pink skin" by Pareeerica TRF: It's snowing for the first time in a long time...which is weird cause I'm near Chicago for crying out did we manage to go without snow for so long? PS. I just 2 days I will onl