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Gypsy Color The face will

tattoo gipsy

The face will fade quite a bit. The eye will need some touch-up because it got a bit angry. I'm delicate in the skin... *shrug* Work by Fish @ Th'Ink Tank Tattoo, Denver, CO
2 weeks later it has healed..when

tattoo gipsy old school

it has healed..when will i have the courage to add some color...
 Juny 2008.

gipsy tatoo

Juny 2008.
My Brand New Tattoo © Fanny BETEMPS

old school gipsy

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Three random tattoo ideas

Mom and me feet Mine and my

tattoos on the foot pixie

Mine and my moms feet.
Haida Bear Tattoo Haida bear tattoo

native totem tattoo

Haida bear tattoo Location: leg